Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Buck 65 - Wicked and Weird

Driving with a yellow dog, I95
He's got a smile on his face and big shiny eyes
Up at a decent hour, I never ate yet
Got a little Johnny Cash in the old tape deck
Nothing in the trunk but some base ball gloves
a pair of jumper cables and a set of golf clubs
blanket on the back seat we're in rough shape
sunroof held on with a bit of duck tape
looking for a gas station, better make a list
Fill'er up with regular, I need to take a piss
sexy girl air freshener, snacks and a pinwheel
top up the fluids, clean the bugs off the windshield
not a care in the world, not a how, and a why
no destination, not a cloud in the sky
back on the road not a moment too soon
dish ran away with some other spoon

Wicked & wierd I'm a road hog with an old dog
singing slow songs trying to hold on
Wicked & wierd I'm a rat fich
trying to practice doing back flips on your mattress
(Repeat x2)

Hole in the muffler, ghosts on the shoulder
cough drops, loose change in the beverage holder
to roll down the window you gotta use a wrench
Been thinking about brushing up on my french
Right there in the glove box, if you should look
You'll find 40 parking tickets
And a copy of the Good Book
Don't bother looking, you'll never find me
I'm starting from scratch and leaving trouble behind me

Wicked & wierd I'm a road hog with an old dog
singing slow songs trying to hold on
Wicked & wierd I'm a rat fich
trying to practice doing back flips on your mattress
(Repeat x2)

Wicked, wicked, wicked and weird

Christ almighty, there's a rattle in the wheel well
Dog fell asleep and man, I don't feel well
But all I need is a half decent breakfast
And I'll be back at it, dirty and reckless

5 o'clock shadow, lips like mudflaps
hands like eagle's talons, eyes like hub caps
The further I get, I keep going faster
Whispers in the wind, and cows in the pasture
I have no plans and nothing to prove either
I eat out of a bag and sleep in a movie theatre

The highway's a story teller, I just write it down
Already been beaten, there's no way to fight it now
I just kick back and keep warm on the cold days
And laugh 'cause it ain't like it was in the old days
I figure when I make it to the heavenly gates
They'll be working on my car and playing 78's

Wicked & wierd I'm aroad hog with an old dog
singing slow songs trying to hold on
Wicked & wierd I'm a rat fich
trying to practice doing back flips on your mattress
(Repeat x2)



PS: More soon. Promise.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

One of Those Days...


I woke up, freezing, seriously lacking sleep and stubbed my toe in the bathroom.

There was no hot water for my shower.

My cab driver, who just had surgery on his ear last week, went in to gory detail about the puss he found on his pillow this morning.

I get to work and have to listen to a creepy old lady argue(like an old married couple) with one of the guys.

We start work and two of the three battery guns are broken.

One of the new guys tells me how he parked in a tow away zone and needed to move his car...which was on the other side of the plant.

My partner gets sick and needs to go home.

I had to argue with the battery gun repair guy about what was wrong with the gun(I've since found out I know nothing about the battery guns and when the program isn't working properly it's really the person operaters fault, not the $hitty programing on the gun. Good to know.)

The afternoon shift guy didn't show up.

I'm starting to doubt myself as far as dating stuff goes. Maybe I'm not ready.

It's still cold and its supposed to snow tomorrow.

I feel crappy.

Oh what a beautiful morning...



Thursday, November 17, 2005

Longest Touch Down in NFL...HISTORY!!!

So Sunday I was in Chicago. Bears/Niners. Bears won. Wooha!

Nathan Vasher
ran a missed field goal back for a touchdown. The longest touchdown...ever(in the NFL). And I was there to see it. Ahh Yeah.

I was and am stoked about it. I love my Bears. Seeing them win at home, surrounded by fellow Bears fans...just friggin' sweet!

Eddie Guerrero died this past weekend. I went back and forth between being a big fan of his and not liking him at all, but no matter what he always seemed like a really good person, away from the ring. There's a really good article HERE that perfectly describes how I feel. Viva La Raza! You will not be forgotten Eddie.

I'm kind of blah today. I'll have more soon.



Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dating Is Scary...


A few weeks ago I decided it was time to get back on the horse, so to speak, and I joined an online dating service.

The site that I've been using has you put up pictures of yourself, write a description of who you are and then post it for the world to see. After you've done this you can look through other people's profiles and if you like what you see, send them a message and vice versa. This site has a built in IM feature as well, so if the person wants to, they can IM you and you can talk on that.

This whole concept is totally mindboggling to me. While I'm not a really shy person, I am pretty bashful and just randomly picking people to talk to really freaks me out.

I've been speaking with about 6 girls regularly, and I've taken out 2 of them. Both were nice enough people, but neither of them is the kind of person I see myself with. I'm most likely going to go out with at least 2 more of them in the next few weeks. It's a total trip, man.

I don't know that I've ever really dated before. Anyone that I've gone out with, 99% of the time, has been someone that I've had another kind of relationship with. It's just so strange.

I'll let you guys know more about that in time.

This weekend I'm off to Chicago to see my beloved Bears take(down) on the 49ers. Marc, Rich and I are leaving Saturday morning and returning Monday. I'm so stoked. I've been working so much lately that I forget what it's like having more then a day off in a row. Having multiple days off and going to see my favorite team play just rocks. So everyone needs to make a quick prayer, to whatever it is you pray to, that the Bears totally dominate the 49ers on Sunday. Thanks!

I've been hurting for bucks(mainly because of the whole "dates" thing) for the past couple of weeks, so I haven't really been able to pick up as many comics as I usually do. So Comic Of The Week is on hold, it will return, probably changed somehow. There's a lot of really good stuff out there right now. Check out Supreme Power, Powers, Infinite Crisis, Justice and a whole hoard of stuff. Comics are really going through somekind of maturation process right now, and the books(both art and story) have never been better.

If you aren't watching My Name is Earl and Curb Your Enthusiasm, you need to give your head a shake(Peggy). There's not much on TV that I follow, those two shows are my MUST SEE TV.

Well this was a long mostly uninteresting post. I'm kind of drained. It was a rather late night and an ungodly early morning. I'll be posting more soon. Working 7 days a week at a thankless job tends to kill any desire to do something you enjoy.



Monday, October 31, 2005

Wackiness Abounds...

First things first, Happy Halloween!

Ok, now that that's over with...

Once upon a time, like circa 1995 or so, that title of today's entry was my slogan in life. Everything was wacky...and that fits perfectly into how my day was yesterday.

As a lot of readers know(I'm allowed to say that now, I'm averaging about 6 repeat user hits a day now...woohoo), yesterday was the Bears/Lions game in Detroit...and I had to be there or life isn't right.

I got up early to get ready and I think you could feel the energy oozing off me. There's something about seeing my Bears playing Detroit that just makes my hair stand on end. I feel this zest and craziness that's can't be described.

My friends Marc, Mark and Mark's brother Jeff came to pick me up at around 9:30. Marc came into the house to get me and I did my ritual of picking him up...but this time I was either too excited or he's lost weight because when I went to pick him up I kind of threw him up in the air. I was able to safely catch him, but I couldn't do it without falling down yeah...way to start the day looking like a dumb ass...but what did I care? I was seeing the Bears.

We got to the Detroit about 20 or so minutes later(with no hassles at the border, which was a big plus!). When we tailgate we go to this old Vietnam Vets hospital, it's free to park, but they do ask for a donation. We each chipped in $5US(which is a deal) and started with the festivities. Mark bought a ton of food(which isn't surprising, the dude can out eat me any day of the week, which is quite the feat). We had Hamburgers, Sausages and a little beverage called beer. Ahhhh...Beer.

I think we were there for about an hour and a half(beer = umm really an hours gone by?) and then headed out to Ford Field.

I got bugged quite a bit by the Lions fans on the way. They are all quite jealous, I'm sure. Many years of sub-pardom(and by many I mean, all) will do that to a fan base.

Marc and I had our(read:Rod's) usual tickets in the Family Fun Zone, but they didn't feel like the usual seats. A quarter into the game, we realized why....they weren't the usual seats...we had been sitting in someone else's seats. We had been sitting in the wrong seats, completely unaware. So after a few minutes of searching, we found our proper seats and I immersed myself in the game.

To be honest much of it is a blur now. I know that we(Da Bears) were up, then we were down then we were tied, but I don't remember much else. Then it was overtime.

Now last year, we went into overtime against Detroit on Boxing day. The Bears scored a touch down, but that was called back and the Lions won that game. It ruined my holiday season last year. So, as you can probably guess I was having some bad flash backs.


We won this one. YES!


So after the game, it wasn't the Lions' fans doing the razzing.:-D

We got back at about 5 and I lost my voice shortly there after. Marc has since complained that I gave him a headache with all my shouting. Oh well...just wait and see how I'm going to be in a few weeks in the Windy City, good buddy. BWahahahahah!


There's some pictures up on my Moblog if you want to take a look.

So after basking in the glory that is being a Bears fan(well this week, anyway) I jumped on the computer and was quite surprised with a message I had received.

One of my good friends from college had tracked me down. I emailed her back and we got to discussing some of the old days. I hadn't talked to her for about 10 years. It was quite the trip. She dated one of my best friends(my boss now, but still one of my best friends) and some crazy stuff happened between them. Since I was close with them both, it was really hard on me. She did some really stupid things and I allowed our friendship to fall away because of how she treated my friend.

Anyway, much to my surprise, she had been trying to track me down for a while. It was really nice catching up with her and see what she's been up to since. Much to my surprise she had a plethora of old pictures of the old group...and I was in a bunch of them. I didn't like having my picture taken back then(or now really), so I didn't even know a lot of them existed. I might put some up on my Moblog, but below is a an example.

That was my first moustache, and I thought it looked HOT!...yeah...with age comes knowledge.

If anyone wants to see more, let me know and I'll post them on the moblog.

Anyway, this is one long ass post. Soooo....




Friday, October 28, 2005

Last Week's Comic Of The Week: Justice #2

So I'm a little late on this.

This one has a really cool story and probably the best art on any book currently out there, but then again...It's by Alex Ross.

Short and sweet: This is a non-continuity book about the Justice League. It's a great starting book for people curious about comics, but not wanting to be bogged down by characters they don't know and story they aren't sure of.

Comic Of The Week:

Justice #2

Written by Jim Krueger & Alex Ross; Art by Doug Braithwaite & Ross; Cover by Ross

The unbelievable bimonthly 12-part maxiseries created by Alex Ross (KINGDOM COME), Jim Krueger (Earth X) and Doug Braithwaite (Paradise X) continues! The Riddler leads Batman into a mystery within a mystery through his compulsion to speak the truth through riddles. Does he hold the key to the reason the villains are helping mankind? Plus, Aquaman falls victim to one of the DCU's most nefarious criminals!

Taken from:

To find your local comic book shop, try The Comic Shop Locator @ or call 1-888-COMIC BOOK



PS: Busy week. More Bloggy fun coming, check out my moblog on Sunday for some images of the Bears/Lions game, as well as some pictures of a Doyon Family get together.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

OK, So I lied...

Yeah, I'll get around to the comic of the week sometime within the next couple of days.

I have a good excuse though.

I went to see a concert.

Which concert you ask?

Oh...a little band called...U2!

My new friend Toni had an extra ticket and asked me last week if I would be interested in going. I said no, I couldn't afford it. Then it was offered for free...and yeah, I jumped at it.

So that's why there's no Comic of the Week entry yet.

Forgive me?

Thought so.



PS: I'll have more about the U2 show later. I have to work tomorrow and it's currently 1:09AM, so the bloggin' will have to wait.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Why Do I Do This?

So here I am, sitting at work at 3:56am wondering why I volunteer to work the midnight shift. I feel sh!tty, I probably look worse. I don't really get anything out of it, other then catching up with folks(My new favorite word, btw) I don't get to see too often.

I've had three coffees, 2 cookies and 2 plates of Chicken chop suey since I woke up. My stomach feels like it's got some kind of strange restless animal rummaging through it.

Ahh...bitchy posts.

So yeah, not much to say, just saying it.



PS: New Comic of the Week Monday afternoon sometime, tell your friends.
PSS: Hey Jules, look I still did it wrong. HAHAHAHAH!
PSSS: Goiter!(no one will get that, and I like it that way)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What Did I Do?

So I went to check on my site traffic thing and something happened over the exploded. I went from getting like 12 hits a day(yeah, that's a high traffic day) to like 135...ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY one day. What the hell happened?

I know I put a link in my moblog, but manoman, that's a lot of people.

So was it just to see if I was still psycho? Or did it have to do with the Comic of the Week thing? Or was it just some random act?

If anyone knows, please let me know.

I'm hoping it has something to do with the Comic of the Week thing, I really enjoy doing that, might even make that a new Blog.

I've got some big news that I'm kind of sitting on. I'll write about it sooner or later. Kind of excited.



PS: More soon. Promise.

PSS: Check out Ye Olde Moblog over the next few days. I'm either getting a digital camera tomorrow or Friday, so expect a lot of stupid photos...and just as an aside...that's not what I'm excited about.

PSSS: Whoever is responsible for allowing garbage like "The Biggest Loser" to air needs to be shot and pissed on.

Friday, October 14, 2005

3:31 AM...

So I got a cell call at 3:31 AM today. Only problem was I left my cell in my pants...which were hanging in the other room.

Whoever called didn't leave a message, which totally urks me. Even if it was a wrong number I think whoever it was should have left a message saying, "hey, I f*cked up and called the wrong number. Sorry to disturb you."

But it also makes me wonder if it was something more.

Maybe it was someone that needed to talk to me.

Maybe it was someone I was waiting to call and because I didn't have enough sense to pull my phone out and charge it for the night, I missed it.

Maybe it was like that movie, the one where the chick is in trouble and the young man has to save the day...and my phone was in my pants in the other room.

No chance to be the hero today.



Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hellos and Goodbyes...

I have a lot of mixed emotions today.

Today a good friend of mine is leaving for the next phase of his dream job. My buddy Scott leaves tonight for Johnstown to work for the minor league affiliate to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Scott's a trainer. He's only a few years into his career and very close to doing exactly what he's always wanted to for the NHL.

Scott's a great person and I couldn't be happier for him.

It's kind of a weird thing. I don't know Scotty all that well, but I feel a kinship with him. We don't see each other all that often, but I think we both like each other a great deal. Whenever the two of us get together we laugh and tell stories and enjoy each others company but neither of us has ever really made an effort to really get to know each other that well. I kind of wonder if that's something that happens as you get older. Do you have the friends you have and that's it? Does that ability to make new good friends go away because you've got what you need? Or is that just something I've conjured to justify my lack of effort? I dunno.

Anywho, I'm going to the bar tonight to wish Scotty a fond farewell and I'm sure we'll laugh and tell stories and enjoy each others company, as we've always done.

Other Stuff:

I need to get away. Work and the people I work with are getting to me. The place I live(not home by any stretch anymore) is getting to me. This city is getting to me. I need to get away.

For the past few years, I've had the ability to get away when I needed to. I've been able to jump on a jet and fly to a place where I could escape Windsor and everything happening here and just get to be me and enjoy being myself in a different surrounding, doing different things.

That place isn't there for the foreseeable future, so what do I do now?

I go to the place I should have been from...Chicago!!!

Marc, Rich and I are going to the Windy City the second weekend in November to watch my Chicago Bears trounce the sadly San Francisco 49ers. Yes both legendary dynasties are in a bit of a rut, but with Marc(a die hard 'Niners fan), Rich and I(Bears fans threw and threw) there I'm thinking our teams are going to relive the rivalry that was so alive and strong in the mid 80's.

I love Chicago. I have a great Aunt and Uncle that live there and I've always thought of the city as where I was meant to be. I can't wait.



Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Comic of the Week: Infinite Crisis #1

Ok so today might be the biggest day in comic book history.

2 major, universe shattering series had issues out today.

House of M #7 climaxed the series(kinda) and had all kinds of awesome stuff in it.

If it were any other week, that would be the comic of the week, hands down. But it's not any other week.

This week it's time for a Crisis...

Every few years DC throws a Crisis that reinvents their universe and the way people view it. The last major Crisis was Crisis on Infinite Earths, which took place in 1985. CoIE took all of DC's continuity and regulated it to make sense in a current context. It basically changed everything. There was a lot of complaining done at the time, but it worked and it needed to be done. The current Crisis is a direct spin off of that title, Infinite Crisis. I don't want to spoil anything but by the end of the first book, it's VERY evident how.

So Anyway...

Comic of the Week:

Infinite Crisis #1

Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Phil Jimenez & Andy Lanning; Covers by Jim Lee & Sandra Hope and George Pérez

It's finally here: the comics event so massive that it built over the first half of 2005, through COUNTDOWN, DAY OF VENGEANCE, RANN/THANAGAR WAR, VILLAINS UNITED and THE OMAC PROJECT! Prepare for the dawn of the DCU's darkest day in INFINITE CRISIS, a 7-issue miniseries written by Geoff Johns (GREEN LANTERN, JSA) with art by Phil Jimenez (OTHERWORLD, Uncanny X-Men) & Andy Lanning (OTHERWORLD) and covers by George Pérez (CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS) and Jim Lee (BATMAN, SUPERMAN) & Sandra hope! Surrounded by their most fearsome enemies, the world's greatest heroes are divided within and without.

DC's icons — Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman — are joined by Nightwing, Supergirl, Donna Troy, Superboy, Robin, Wonder Girl, Green Lantern, the Flash and more as they face their most dire hour. What happens next will destroy friendships and lives, dictating the direction of the universe for the next generation!

Years in the making, the greatest event to hit the DCU in over two decades is about to explode — don't miss out!

Taken from:

To find your local comic book shop, try The Comic Shop Locator @ or call 1-888-COMIC BOOK

Let me know what you think.



Saturday, October 08, 2005

Comic Of The Week

I had a lot of fun doing my 10 favorite albums post.

Back in the day I used to do a weekly pick of whatever I thought was cool for that week. I once put my recipe for soup up, mainly because I'm lame like that. Anywho, I thought it might be fun to post an image of my favorite comic of the week, since I'm a big comic book pimp. If I can get 1 person(well, I've already done that so maybe 2 people) to start reading comics then I'll be happy. I love me some comics. I litterally wear my love for comics on my sleeve, and I'd just love for more people to get interested in the hobby.

So here's what I'm going to do. After my near weekly trip to my comic book store(shout out to Border City Comics in Windsor, Ontario; My comic book store for more then 10 years) I'll pick my favorite book and post an image of it on my moblog and give a little info about the book, from where ever I can find it(since I suck at writing synopsis').

So this week: Powers #13 Vol2.

Powers are dropping out of the sky, leaving bloody bodies in their wake. When one of the victims is revealed to be the cosmic guardian of our galaxy, Homicide Detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim find themselves knee deep in cosmic doo. And if things weren’t bad enough, Internal Affairs would like to have a word with Detective Pilgrim.
All that and it's a perfect jumping on point for new readers!
From the writer of some of your favorite marvel comics, (New Avengers, House of M, Ultimate Spider-Man, Daredevil, Secret War) comes a brand new chapter from the award winning book!

Taken from:

To find your local comic book shop, try The Comic Shop Locator @ or call 1-888-COMIC BOOK



PS: I feel a lot better. Got to say some things I've held in for a while and I feel really good about it. Plus, sleep is a wonderful thing.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My Top 10 Albums

So today I don't feel like writing about how depressed I am and thought I would tell you about my favorite albums. I've always thought that the kind of music a person likes says a lot about them. Music has a lot of meaning in my life. There are times where I just stop listening to music, but my love for it always comes back and it usually helps me quite a bit. So anyway, here they are.

Not in any particular order:

Salt - Ausculate

Eels - Daisies of the Galaxy

Sloan - Twice Removed

Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf

Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape

Blur - 13

Primus - Antipop

Public Enemy - Apocalypse 91: The Enemy Strikes Black

Tool - Aenima

The Who - Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy

I almost feel bad because I didn't even put a lot of my favorite bands on the list. Music has brought a lot to my life and these change time to time, so I might do another list somewhere down the line with completely different albums.

Anywho, check this stuff out. It's great and let me know what you think.



Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Become Whatever...

become whatever

some say it ain't much to do at all
some say i'd rather wait than react at all
your ache will return
and your soul will resign
i know that your resistance will be strong
and if you wanna
become whatever you want
want whatever you want to
do whatever you like to do
and you can become whatever you want
want whatever you like to do
all the way through
believe your decisions won't be wrong
reply to those who care
cause it'll make you strong
you will reform yourself again
your ache wasn't there just to hurt
no you don't have to be afraid now
once you receive
no you don't have to be disguised now
you didn't do wrong
and if you wanna go there
you have to let it out again
now maybe you should go there
you have to let it out all the way through
and if you wanna go there
you have to let it out again
now if you wanna go there
now all the way through
now all the way through

Become Whatever by Grand Tone Music

Still not feeling great about a lot of things. Only slept for about 2 hours last night. It's a horrible feeling when you try to sleep and starting thinking in circles. This song made me feel a little better.

If anyone remembers the band Salt from the mid 90's post grunge era, Grand Tone Music has the same lead singer. Salt's Ausculate album is one of my all time favorites. After a few years of trying to find more info about them, I stumbled across the lead singer's name(Nina Ramsby) on Amazon. After a little more searching I found THIS amazing website(along with the corresponding Yahoo newsgroup). Since then, her music is pretty much all I've been listening to(the fact that I don't have the speakers on my computer set up and that most of my Cd's are in boxes doesn't help). Grand Tone Music's Album "Go To Hell" is almost exactly how I feel at the moment. It's sad and slow, but uplifting at the same time. Kind of weird to be depressed and optimistic at the same time. I dunno. That's me.



Monday, October 03, 2005

Getting Kicked When I'm Down...

So I need to get some stuff off my chest and I figure what better forum then my blog for it. If you've read lately or even for about the last 6 or 8 months, you know that I've been down. I've been depressed and miserable in every way since May.

I've had to deal with the slow dissolve of a long time "relationship", my mother being in the hospital for depression, a job that I don't like and that's getting worse, the fact that I'm almost 30 and not doing anything productive with my life and, within the last month, the discovery that my aunt and cousin have moved into my house.

Things are just bad and I'm not happy and I don't know what to do about it.

Last year my family doctor diagnosed me as having the same kind of depression issues my mother has. He prescribed me anti-depressants and sleeping pills. I didn't have the prescription filled. I don't know now if that was a good idea or not, but it was a decision I made and I stand by it. But a year has gone by and I don't feel any better. I still feel down, I'm still having sleeping issues and I don't have a lot of confidence in my will to want better things and go out and do it. My confidence is shot and I don't know how to make myself feel better. So I'm thinking it might be time to start with those pills. It's scary, but I think I have to do it.

I don't know though. It would mean a big change in my life. No more drinking just for starters. I just don't know what to do.

I have a lot to think about.

To any of my friends that read this(not that there's a lot), I'm sorry if I have hurt any feelings or said anything or done anything that has hurt you. You've been there for me despite not knowing everything that has gone on and I appreciate it more then you will know.



Sunday, October 02, 2005


Am I gonna be all right?
No I'm not gonna be all right
Nothing is all right now
Am I gonna see the sun come up?
Or am I going down?
'cause every day I'm here
All I feel is sheer
Friends tellin' me that maybe I need
Some psychiatric help
Yeah they're always so quick to tell you
Just how to get on with it
But I look into the mirror
And all I see is age, fear
And agony
If I could just remember what it was like
When I was younger
Before all the joy and happiness
Was replaced with hunger
Now all I've got to show for the seeds that didn't grow
Is agony
Agony by Eels
Long week. Need rest. Down.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I Love Comics...

For those that have been reading for a while, you know that I've been really impressed with what DC has been doing with the build up for Infinite Crisis. Everything within the DCU has been leading up to this one major event. It's spectacular. I can honestly say that as a long time comic book reader(we're talking almost 20 years), I've never witnessed anything like it.

Think of it this way:

CBS suddenly decides to reinvent themselves as a TV Network. Without hurting the quality or the integrity of the shows, they seamlessly interweave everything so that it all takes place in one world. Things happening on "The Young and The Restless" effect the characters on CSI. "The King of Queens" is best friends with Gibbs from "NCIS" and on and it goes. We all know it would never work.

In comics, it has to. Continuity means everything for comic book fans. If something happens one issue and there's no effect or the effect is undone with no explanation, continuity buffs go nuts. What DC has done is remarkable. Every DC book has that same underlining feeling that something big is about to happen. All their characters have that same sense of "what the *uck is happening?" It's awesome and it's really reinvigorated my love of their characters and comics as a whole.

They've been building to this moment for about 2 years(and some things that happened 25 - 40 years ago have been made to look like they were made for this moment, that's how seamless things have been). The moment is only a few weeks away and I can't wait.



Wednesday, September 21, 2005

See, I'm Doing Stuff...

Told you I was going to make an effort. Just added a moblog. You can visit it at I've also got a link thing under my profile. Some of the pictures are old and pretty funny...including one of me with hair. Check it out!



PS: I had to add a word verifier on the comments. As soon as I posted this the first time I got some weird comments. Sorry.

At Long Last...PART 2!!!

Sooooo where was I?

I think we had just entered the Caboto.

Since it's been awhile my memories are somewhat hazy. We got to the Caboto and kind of sat around waiting for whatever to start. We took some pictures(as an aside, sooner or later I'm going to start a moblog, when I do I'll have some pictures from the day when the time comes), and kind of goofed around. For some reason Sam(Rich's brother in law) and I started singing"Dust in the Wind" earlier in the day. While we were goofing around, I decided to take the house mic and do it to the small audience already there

The greeting line was odd. Since there was only about 20 people of the 200 or that I knew there was a lot of phony "Hi, nice to meet you" moments. By nature I'm not really a social person, so in circumstances like that I really have no idea how to act. I think I did ok, but you never know. The entire time Marc and I sent our friend, Rod, to get drinks for us. So after an hour in the greeting line I can honestly say I was "a little tipsy."

After the greeting line we sat down for dinner. Food at the Caboto Club is always awesome. Our meal consisted of Salad, some furry wet thing(which wasn't awesome in the slightest), pasta, chicken, mushroom, beef and some ice cream thing for desert.

During dinner I pulled my usual dumbass routine and somehow managed to get pasta sauce on the sleeve of my shirt. So I had to wear the jacket for the rest of the evening. Good times.

After dinner, they started the speeches. Lori's co-maids of honour did and excellent job with what they said. Marc was the best man at the wedding. He had been fretting making the speech since before Rich asked him to be the best man. I honestly think a part of him had been dreading the moment since Rich was born. He got up there and killed. He told a story about a time he and I went to London to visit Rich and Lori. Rich had said there were light flurries there so we thought nothing of it and headed on our merry way. About half way there it was apparent that "light flurries" was near blizzard conditions. I smoked about a pack on the two hour plus ride there. It's a story that we all love, and literally, everytime we see each other it comes up. The crowd was in stitches. Marc tore the house down. It was awesome and I couldn't have been happier for him and the job he did.

Rich and Lori both did their speeches. They were very emotional and I think made everyone feel very appreciated and loved. It was nice.

By this time, I really have foggy memories. I think I had drank about a bottle of wine, 7 or 8 rum 'n cokes and whatever else was put in front of me.

I remember calling my mom and talking to her. I remember having a pretty decent and funny conversation with Lori's dad. I think I danced with Nicole and Mrs. Doyon. I've been told that I was dancing by myself in a corner, with some kind of goofy look on my face. I know I didn't dance with Lori(although she says we might have, so who knows). Lots of drinks = less and less remembered. I know I also kissed a bunch of people that I hardly know and some that I do know and, unfortunately, I also kissed Sam and Marc on the top of their heads. Ugh...yet another incident I will NEVER live down. Alcohol is an EVIL thing.

As we were cleaning up, I was carrying some stuff out to the cars and some a$$hole watched as I was trying to get the door and let me drop everything in my hand before he decided he should open the door. Prick.

All in all it was a pretty cool day. I don't know if I'll ever be asked to stand in another one, but if I am, I wouldn't hesitate. It was cool and it made me feel really good and very loved.



Ok now that that is done:

I'm going to make a concerted effort to get this back on track. I still have a story or two from my vacation to talk about and I will get to that eventually. There have been a lot of changes in my day to day life, so it's making things harder to keep things up. I kind of think I'm a little depressed too and that doesn't make things any easier. Stuff is hard right now. I've fallen out with a few people and I don't know if I'll be able to get back on track with them and that upsets me a great deal. I haven't spoken to moojenny in about 2 months. Jen and I go threw this every time she starts dating someone. I wish her nothing but the best but my feelings are very hurt at the same time. I don't understand why it's such a chore for some people just to write an email saying hello. That's not just a shot at Jenny, but a few people as well.

I hope everyone is doing well and sticks with me until I get the blog back up to speed.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Quick Update: UGH!!!

Ok, some things you should know:

1. Computer problems suck.

2. Computer problems and moving sucks more.

3. I hate the world more then I usually do right now.

4. I'll get this back to what it once was soon, I promise.

5. Part 2 will be up; Again I promise.

Quick Sneak Peek of part 2:

Luthor will return!



PS: Soon...I promise.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


I know, I know...but I have a real excuse this time.

My computer is on the fritz and I think I might have to replace it. It's been randomly turning off, and I've been getting little flickie things all over my screen. I had this problem once before a few years ago and I had to replace the mother board and chipset. At this stage of the game I think I'd be better off just replacing the whole thing. BLAH!

I'll try to update this from work when I get the chance.



PS: Part 2 of my last post will be up, I just wanted to leave a short post letting everyone know whats going on.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Too Long Since My Last Post...

Well it's August 12. My last post was July bad.

This last month has been absolutely insane.

I stood at my friends Richard and Lori's Wedding, traveled across Midwest America, celebrated my birthday and a whole bunch of other things. I'll try to catch up as much as possible but I'm not sure I'll be able to.

In my last post I had a picture up with Bret Hart(my all time favorite wrestler), Jim Niedhart(Bret's tag partner) and Jimmy Hart(their manager) collectively known as the Hart Foundation. They did a signing at a recent BCW show and as soon as I heard about it I knew I had to attend. Getting to meet childhood heroes is awesome. BCW has led to 2 for me. Here's to MANY more.

The following week was spent mostly taking care of wedding stuff for Rich and Lori. This was my first time standing at a wedding so I really had no idea what to expect. The rehearsal dinner was Thursday night. I drank WAY more then I should have and was VERY hung over that Friday. We spent most of the day Friday just doing little odds and ends(and when I say we I mean most of the Doyon Family, I spent most of the day huddled in a ball in a corner regretting how having those last 7 drinks the night before).

Saturday was the big day. I got to the Doyon house hold around 11 and got dressed(this was also my first time in a tux and I must say, I looked HOT). We got to the church around 2ish and started with the duties of escorting guests to seats. Much to my surprise my Mom came to the church. The hardest part of my day was introducing my Mom to Mr. and Mrs. Doyon. The Doyon's have pretty well adopted me as one of their own and it was just a really weird thing to introduce them to each other. It was the only time in the day that I almost cried. Only me.

The ceremony was very nice. Father Claire was excellent and made sure to make open gestures to everyone, no matter their beliefs. I really think that if more religious leaders took that kind of stance the world would be a happier and more productive place, but that's a rant for another day.

We went to Willistead Manor for pictures. I was terrified. Seeing as I sweat when I'm going up the stairs, I had visions of sweating right through my tux and looking like a complete boob while the pictures were taking place. I got lucky though, as it was beautiful that day. We got the pictures done and nary a drop fell from my ample forehead.

I'll have more about the wedding and more in a few days. I just found out I'm on my way to the family cottage for the night so I have to get ready.

See in you a few days.

To Be Continued...

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be...

Me, Jimmy "The Mouth Of The South" Hart, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and Bret "The Hitman" Hart
(Click image to view)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Jim Aparo Passes on...

Just found out that one of my favorite Comic Book Artists has passed on.

Jim Aparo was the artist on Batman when I first started reading comics, and to me, his version of Batman IS Batman. He was also the artist on my first Hawk & Dove comic, two of my favorite characters. His best known work has to be the "Batman: Death in The Family" series. "Batman: A Death in The Family" was the series that featured the death of the second Robin, Jason Todd. Arguably, he's also responsible for the best known piece of Batman art, the cover to "Batman: A Death in The Family".

Jim Aparo 1932 - 2005

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Just a Quick Note...

I got some props for helping with a story on Just wanted to let everyone know.

Click here to read it.



Saw this last night for the first time. I have mixed feelings about it.

Bad Stuff:

The way Doctor Doom was written and played was WAY over the top, and they royally screwed up his origin and powers. Doom is an over the top character and should be played that way, but the movie portrayed him as a Silver Age cheese ball villain, complete with bad lines and unnecessary diatribe. The comic book Doom doesn't have special powers, he uses his mass intellect to do his misdeeds. That was another bone of contention; Doom(comic book) doesn't view himself as a villain. Doom does what he does because he feels that his way is the only way and he believes that he's always in the right.

I don't know if it was me or not, but it appeared that the film creators started to run out of budget funds. Fantastic Four should have been the most brilliant over the top special effects movie ever made. Their lives are truly fantastic and have extraordinary things happen to them every day. The rare use of their abilities in the film show that there just wasn't enough cash to go around.

The Thing(Ben Grimm) is a big rocky guy. As in, made out of rocks. I never had that feeling with the character in the movie. The foam suit just never did it for me. See below.

Comic Book Thing

Movie Thing

The ultra cheesiness of the script really didn't do too much for me either. Johnny(the Human Torch) was played more goofy then cocky most of the time and has some of the cheesiest lines in comic book cinema history.

Good Stuff:

They nailed the relationships in the group really really well(except for Doom and Reed). Sue(the Invisible Women) was loves Reed(Mr. Fantastic) but wants him to be less book worm and more take charge leading man. Johnny annoys the hell out of Ben, but respects him above all else. Reed and Ben are best friends, with Reed as the brains and Ben as the brawn. Those dynamics came across really well.

Michael Chiklis nailed Ben Grimm. Ben is a big guy with a big heart but can easily be manipulated. Despite his deformed figure, he's the most human of the Fantastic Four(and maybe in all of Comics). Ben wants to do right, but is sometimes overcome by his monstrous appearance. Chiklis got all that down pat and is by far the best part of this film.

I liked the fact that they set up at least 2 other movies without making it blatant for "average Joe" none comic book reader. Alicia Masters' introduction was very subtle, and if you don't know comics, you would have no idea what she brings to the table.

Getting to see Jessica Alba in skin tight clothes is ALWAYS a good thing. If the movie has just been her walking around in that suit, I would have left the theater satisfied.


I liked this better then I thought I would. As I've said before, Comic Book movies are hard for me. I love and know these characters well and sometimes the transition from the page to the screen is rough. While this one was far from perfect, it was enjoyable. If you can overcome some of the cheesy dialogue and lack of special effects, then I think most people would enjoy it.



PS: Two days, two huge posts. Will I make it three?

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Say One Thing, Do Another...

So I said I was going to be updating a lot this week and didn't end up doing any updates at all. I think I have some kind of writers block. I tried to write a couple of things during the week but nothing really turned out the way I wanted it to, so I put them in ye olde blogs "saved posts" file and there they still be.

This week was really really long. I did very little work and did very little else.

The one thing that I did do productively this week was plan my summer vacation. My buddy, Marc, and I have planned out more then a few days of frivolity.

First we're off to St Louis, Missouri to see a Cardinals game, tour Budweiser's brewing facility and take in the Gateway Arch.

Then we're off to Columbia to visit a friend and enjoy some wine and slushy drinks.

After that we're going to Terre Haute, Indiana. Why you ask? Well it seems the Indianapolis Colts are having an open training camp there. So we're going to crash that party and try to get some autographs from my boy Peyton and his crew.

Next up we're driving to Dayton, Ohio(or there abouts) to crash for a night and just kind of relax, but the next day, we're going back to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. I'm of the impression things are going to be pretty insane around those parts come that time(it's the day after the Hall of Fame game), but Marc seems to think it will be dead and we'll have no problem getting in. Time will tell on that one I suppose. We might hit a few more spots after that as time and money allow.

I think I'm going to work a little over the next week on changing the template for this blog. I've been talking about doing it for a while, and now that I have some time off, I might as well. I want to do something completely different. I have a few ideas(ask Peggy, she'll tell you), but since I'm neither HTML literate nor artistic, it's kind of hard. I'd like to register a domain name and turn this into a full website, but I'm weary of spending the money and not using the site often.

I also want to do a podcast, like badly. I don't talk about it often, but I went to college for radio and I think doing a weekly podcast might be like doing my radio show again, minus the whole music thing. I have wild ambitions and little drive, so who knows.

I'm really digging Morgan Spurlock's TV show, 30 Days. The basic concept of the show is to take someone and place them in a totally different life for 30 days and see how it changes them when the time is over. There's only been 5 episodes, thus far, but it's become something I just can't miss.

This weekend is the San Diego Comic-Con. San Diego was the first big comic book convention and remained that way for a long long time. Over the last few years its been over shadowed by the Wizard Convention in Chicago, but it's still huge. There's a lot of news coming out of it and I'm really very stoked about what's coming out comic wise over the next year.

Speaking of comics(well kind of but not really), I've decided on my next tattoo. I'm just looking for someone to design it for me. If you are artistic and interested or know anyone who would be interested email me and let me know. It's really simple and wouldn't require a whole heck of a lot of effort. Let me know.

Hopefully you'll hear more out of me in the coming days.



PS: Check out my side bar over the next few days, I'll be adding My Digg News to it shortly. By the way, you should be checking out Diggnation, a weekly podcast featuring Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht.

Friday, July 08, 2005

It's 4am...Do You Know Where Your Luthor Is?

So here it is 4 am and I'm at work.

I was scheduled to come in early to get a little O.T. to make up sometime for the impending Shut Down. I got here and watched as all the plant denizens left. When I got to my post I was shocked and amazed to discover...hey look...they sent my part of the plant home too...which means...I'm here 4 hours early and have SFA to do.

So why not blog a little?

Yesterday's attacks in England have left me with that same OMG feeling I had after 9/11. I think everyone gets that. What's next? Where's next? During the whole 9/11 thing, living where I live, I always had a feeling we were going to get hit. Every attack since I've had that same feeling. It's eerie and it sucks.

Having a friend that lives over there(who I haven't spoken more then 5 words to in about a month), is also a concern. I'm really worried for her and I hope she is doing ok. Having something like that happen so close to home can't be easy. I'm thinking of you Jen.

Happier stuff:

Tim Horton's coffee at this time is always a good thing. I think I could easily drink a pot of this stuff right now. It's about the only thing(well besides the extra pay) that makes coming into work this early worth while.

I'm still really into DC's whole Infinite Crisis storyline. There are so many angles and everything is coming at so many different directions, it's just really cool because you don't know whats going to happen next. Marvel's House of M has been pretty decent thus far as well, but it doesn't have the same kind of feel as Crisis. Crisis has the feeling that something BIG is about to happen in the DCU, where as House of M feels like another Marvel story(which isn't really a knock, just doesn't feel as special...and run on paragraph

My all time favorite wrestler is coming to Windsor. Bret "The Hitman" Hart is going to be doing a special autograph signing at the next BCW show. I'm stoked and hope to get a chance to meet him. Meeting King Kong Bundy(who was my childhood favorite) was pretty freaking rad and I doubt Bret would dissappoint. Bret and Bundy would make it 2 heroes met...only about 400 more to go.

Since I have nothing to do, I just went and searched around and found myself a Double Chocolate glazed doughnut. SCORE!

One of my stories made the main page on Digg. Click HERE to get some free mags on your computer. I also posted another story about Audioscrobbler and got bashed for it being a DUPE. To the dude that told me to "do a f#cking search", I thought Digg's story submit search would find anything with Audioscrobbler in the title. It didn't. The only thing it found was an Audioscrobbler competitor. I'm sorry that I wasted a whole 30 seconds of your life. I'm sure the 5 minutes you surely took to find the other stories and bash me was well worth while. And by the way, BLOW ME ASSHOLE.

Well this has taken up a whole 30 minutes. Now I have another 3 1/2 hours to blow with not a thing to do. Fun times.



PS: I'll probably be posting a lot over the next few weeks. There's not going to be a whole lot going on so I'll be bored often and this is definately and outlet.

PSS: Click HERE to see what I'm listening too.

PSSS(wow, that's a lotta s'): The Eel's webpage has a link to a 30 minue sample of the show they are currently doing. Click HERE to take a look(you need REAL PLAYER, or REAL Alternative).

Saturday, July 02, 2005

I Knew There Was Something I Was Forgetting...


This whole week I've had that feeling like I forgot something. Well, just remembered what it was...

Ye Olde Blog!

Let's see, week in review:

Monday: Got up early, had a shower, had a smoke, went to work, did the same thing 500 times, came home and did nothing.

Tuesday - Thursday: Lather, Rinse and Repeat.(Thursday night I went to see War of The Worlds. Good blowing stuff up kind of movie. Lots of blood and guts.)

Friday: Happy Canada Day!

For the second year in a row, I spent Canada Day in Detroit. Marc, Nic, a friend of Nic's(who's name totally escapes me) and I went to the Detroit Beer Company for lunch followed by a trip to Oakland Mall.

Food = Good.
Beer = Good.
Finding a toy I've been looking for = Made my day.

Once we got back from the States(I think thats a Windsor thing, anytime we head over to Detroit or go on vacation over there, we all say, "we're going to the States." Anytime I've read or seen people from anywhere else going that way they refer to it as America...just an odd little thing..and that side note ends), we headed over to Marc and Nic's parents for a (now) yearly BBQ. Good food, good drink and good company. I don't think you can ask for much more on a holiday.

The rest of the weekend looks slow...and I'm not complaining.

Sorry for taking so long to update. I'll have more to say soon.



Sunday, June 26, 2005


I know I'm going to regret this later, but I just got home from seeing this and I have to admit...I didn't like it much.

More later....



Saturday, June 25, 2005

Just What I Needed...

June 24, 2005...

The Royal Oak Music Theatre Presents:

Ofcourse I was there. Of the about 200 or so concerts I've gone to this was, by far, the most unique of the bunch.

Each time I've seen Eels they've rocked the house, but this tour isn't about the rock.

This was Eels...with Strings.

E(you know, coolest man on the face of the planet) accompanied by a string orchestra.

They played a wide range of Eels music(although my friend, Marc, thought they didn't play enough old stuff). From I Like Birds to Railroad Man to My Beloved Monster. They even played Novacaine for the Soul(probably the song they are most known for), which gradually turned into what can best be described as a sonic mind f*ck.

One of my favorite things has always been when artist reinterpret their own music and that was what this show was all about. E took slow songs and made them slower. He took hard rocking songs and made them harder, but with softer music. I can't do it justice in my description. Eels rock. Not much more to it then that. If they release an Ep of this tour(as they have done in the past), it's a definite must buy...and if you live in a city they haven't played yet, get off your ass and get to this show. You won't regret it.




To John Legend,


from E.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Trouble With Dreams...

Having weird dreams is nothing new to me.

As far back as I can remember, I've had this one reoccurring dream:

I'm about 5(which is about the time the dream started), fighting with my grandfather about going to bed in the house I lived in during that part of my life. I'm doing the usual little kid rant about monsters under the bed, boogey men in the closet and just not wanting to miss out on anything. My grandfather does a pretty hefty inspection of the room to let me know alls clear; I give in and go to bed.

That part of the dream has always remained the same no matter what. Old house, young Me, Grandfather etc etc. From here on things are different, but usually follow the same road.

I hear a cross between Gregorian Chanting Monks and monkey screams and my bed starts to lower. When this happens I'm usually whatever age I am while I'm having the dream. I'm no longer in my room(One side note: with the exception of when I was in college I have never had a bedroom that didn't have another floor beneath me). I can see what looks like the ruins of some kind of lost city(imagine a scary Old New York from Futurama) and a lot of non-corporeal eyes staring at me.

I never feel like I'm in danger, but I do have the urge to get away. Around this time I feel a thunk and see a bunch of little green/white hands grab the sides of the bed(which is what ever bed I'm currently sleeping in while I'm having the dream) and I can feel myself being carried(most of the time the motion synchronizes to the monkey scream chants). I always have the urge to see what's carrying me, but I'm too afraid to look.

The eyes all disappear, the noises stop and all I can see is black. Then there's a flicker of light off in the distance(it appears up). I hear foreign laughter and feel a big heave.

I'm falling up towards the light. The closer I get to the light the clearer it gets. Just as I'm about to hit it, I recognize it. It's the underside of a sewer grate. I pass out.

I "wake up" in a pile of garbage(as the age I am while having the dream) in front of my grandparents house. My grandmother is standing on the porch shouting for me to get in the house and get ready for school. Behind me, on the street coming from the sewer grate, I can hear the monkey chants and the same foreign laughter.

I really wake up and feel embarrassed, confused and terrified.

Why write about this?

I had this dream, for the first time in about 4 years, Sunday night.

Any dream interpretation would be welcome.



Saturday, June 18, 2005

Climbing Up To The Moon...

So i wrote it all in a letter
But i don't know if it came
The nurse she likes my writing
So she keeps it just like me
So that it won't get away

I won't be denied this time
'fore i go out of my mind over matters
Got my foot on the ladder
And i'm climbing up to the moon

Got a sky that looks like heaven
Got an earth that looks like shit
And it's getting hard to tell where
What i am ends
And what they're making me begins

I won't be denied this time
'fore i go out of my mind over matters
Got my foot on the ladder
And i'm climbing up to the moon

Saturday in the yard
They'll bring you by
We'll lay down on the grass
And watch as the sky closes in

I won't be denied this time
'fore i go out of my mind over matters
Got my foot on the ladder
And i'm climbing up to the moon

"Climbing Up to the Moon" - Eels



PS: Thinking of doing a Q+A post. Use the comments if you have any questions you want answered.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I Can't Wait For Vacation...

Last night marked the one thing that always shows it's time for me to take vacation...

I dreamt about cars.

I had a dream about doing my job. As if doing it all day long wasn't bad enough, I dreamt about doing it all night long. Makes for a doubly exhausting day.

Not much going on right now. I live a boring existence.

Few things:

The new Foo Fighters is really quite awesome. Buy it.

ECW: One Night Stand was like going back in time. I haven't felt that way about wrestling for years and years. It really made my weekend all the sweeter. The shoots from Paul E and RVD were worth the price of admission. Getting to hear Joey Styles doing play-by-play one more time was just amazing. God, I miss it.

It actually wasn't hot today. Yay!

I've really developed a true hatred for Weezer. Thanks Dan.

Almost all day I've had an old cereal commercial song stuck in my head. "'s a cereal now...Nintendo...It's a cereal? Wow!" to the Super Mario Brothers theme song. GAH!

Moojenny has gone away on a little vacation. I was cranky last time I talked to her and I think I upset her a little bit. *sigh*

I've been told twice in a last little bit, that I'm angry at the world and that I'm taking it out on people. Wonder if there's truth in that...hmm...or you know...F#CK them.

Ok enough randomness. More to say when I have something to say.



Sunday, June 12, 2005

So Lazy...

This heat is killing me.

It's currently 28°C. It's been at least that for about a week now and it's slowly but surely frying what little brain cells I have left. Being my size I think I feel the heat more so then a regular sized person. It's stifling.

Last night we celebrated my bestfriend's birthday.

How did we do so you ask?

We went to Hooter's!

Marc, his sister and brother(Nic and Rich) and I went to Hooter's in Windsor for the first time. For those that don't know, Hooter's is a restaurant known for their Wings and busty waitresses. I've eaten at Hooter's in Detroit a few times, but this was my first foray in Canada. I have to say, the food is much better on the other side of the border...but the scenery was nice.

After dinner we went back to Marc's, joined by Mr. Rodney Gaggin' and indulged in more then a few Bud Lights and conversation. I love nights like that. Getting together with good friends and laughing about the recent and distant past, catching up with everything going on in each other's lives. It's so nice to be around normal decent people.

After more then a few hours of drinks and laughs, we decided to crash. Since both Rich and Nic decided to spend the night, my usual sleeping spot at the Doyon residence was taken, so I opted for Marc's bedroom floor. Marc gave me a pillow that can best be described as what they must use to fill hole's in the side of boats with. I tried to bend it to some kind of shape that would allow me to get comfy but everytime I got it right, the damn thing would spring back into that same rock hard pillow shape. Needless to say, I didn't sleep real well.

When I woke up Marc's parents had made a huge breakfast. I really do feel like I'm a part of their family. There was melon, strawberries, various breads, coffee, potato cakes(or hashbrowns, if you will) and my ultimate favorite breakfast food, Peameal bacon(Canadian Bacon to the Americans). We ate out on their patio and basically renewed our conversations from the night before, although I have to admit, I was feeling a wee bit rough.

Today is going to be one of those awesome days, I can feel it. I don't plan on doing much other then relaxing. Later tonight WWE is doing an ECW revival Pay-Per-View and I'm really looking forward to it and it will be the perfect cap to a lovely weekend.

The tomorrow back to the hellhole and the unforgiving heat. Ugh...



PS: I finally got that Audioscrobbler thing to work. To check out what I'm listening to go to

PPS: Here's a picture of my last trip to Hooter's(click to enlarge).

Marc, Rodney Gaggin', Myself and Nic's husband, Sam

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm a Big Sap...

It's not often that I read something that makes me cry but today it happened, and it came from a very odd source.

Everyone knows that I am a pretty huge Kevin Smith fan. There's always something in his work I can relate to and his films make me laugh like very little else. His blog is one of my absolute favorites. The June 1, 2005 entry deals with that date being the 2 year anniversary of the death of Kevin's father. I don't know why, but it hit me really hard.

After you read it, do what I did. Call your parents and tell them you love them.



Monday, June 06, 2005

Days off...

I had the day off work today. I don't know why but having a weekday off(none holiday) always seems to feel better then a Saturday or Sunday. I feel more relaxed and it seems like there are more hours in the day. It's nice.

It's still too f#cking hot, but not as f#cking hot as it was yesterday.

Two months from yesterday will me my 29th birthday and I think the reality of almost being 30 hit me last night. I'm almost 30. I think I'm going through some kind of almost 30 crisis. It hit me that I'm lonely; if I were to die today, no one would particularly notice and I'm really in a rut. I get up go to work, do the same thing 500 times, come home, do the same thing everyday get up the next day and do it again. Fun times, let me tell you. F#cking Blah.

I'm also in a crossroads with a long time friend. It seems that no matter what we say to each other, someone gets hurt by it. This person is someone I love and care a great deal about, but I don't want to feel like a sh!thead everytime I speak to them. I just don't know what to do.

Enough of the brooding...

Apple announced today that they are switching all Mac's from a priority chip to Intel's 86x chips. I know most of you don't really give a rats ass about computer and tech stuff, but this is a pretty huge deal. This may very well make Apple a legit player in the PC market instead of being more of an Artsy fartsy machine. It's kinda cool and it means that you may be using a Mac sooner then later. Here's a link to more info.

Polarcheese let me know a couple of weeks back that my counter sucked and sent me to With StatCounter, I can see where people who read my site are from, what browser they are using and a few more cool little things. One of the things I found coolest about the data it collected was that almost 50% of users to this site use Firefox. That, my friends, is pretty frickin' sweet. Most of my readers are from Canada(not really a surprise there), followed by the UK(Me thinks Moojenny has a lot to do with that) then the U.S. There's even been peeps from Turkey and Bulgaria that have come to the site. How wild is that?

My best friend just dropped by and it took all my energy to go up and have a smoke with him. I think I'm done with this for today.



PS: Moojenny has been using this thing called Audioscrobbler for a long time and I finally set up an account yesterday. It tracks what songs you are listening with whichever media player you are using. For some reason mine isn't working. If anyone knows how to fiddle with the plugin so that it works, let me know. I use Windows Media Player V10. My profile is listed at

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Quote of the Day...

Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.
- Mark Twain

Why The Weather Sucks and New Movies...

It's f#cking hot right now.

According to Forecast Fox, my Firefox weather extension, it's currently 32°C out right now. That's without the freaking humidity. Around here you have to add anywhere from 2 - 7 degrees extra for that.

We didn't really get a real spring this year. It was cold one day and then the next it was hot. A week ago I was in a sweater and jeans at work because it was chilly.

I have a little request for everyone. I'm really have a craving to see a good new movie. I tried to watch Ocean's Twelve last night, but I was continually interrupted by someone who hasn't seen Ocean's Eleven and kept asking who "that guy" was and why "he" was there. I changed the channel soon there after. I really liked the first one(which is a remake, I know but it's still the first one to me) and I'm hoping the sequel doesn't disappoint. But on to the request. Can everyone leave the name of their favorite movies my comment area? Doesn't matter if they are big budget or Indy films, just leave me a bunch of movie titles. Let me know what I should be watching.



Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Having a tattoo rules...I just want it to stop looking gross and gooey.

Gross and gooey = Not sexy.

Leaky, blister juice = not sexy at all.

This time next week = back to the rip roaring stud.

Random things before equal signs = so two periods ago.

A few posts back I mentioned that I had a Missouri side note.

The city in Missouri that I used to visit often was called Columbia. The last time I was there some not so fun stuff happened and I was/am pretty heart broken about it. Old news.

Last week I was sitting out in front of work, smoking a Du Maurier thinking about life and some of the trials and tribulations I've been going threw the last little bit. I thought about my trip there, about the stuff that happened there, about the stuff happening with my mom (my ride was really late). I wondered if I'll ever fall in love again or if that love will ever be returned. It was some pretty heavy thinking. I looked up at the traffic lights outside of work and noticed a yellow truck; don't know why it caught my eye. The truck was yellow with black stripes on it, leading to something on the back. When the light changed and the truck drove towards me I instantly recognized the logo. It was a tiger. In fact it was THIS tiger. Now some of you might recognize said tiger, for those that don't let me explain. Columbia is the home of Missouri University. Mizzou (as it is known)'s mascot and team name is, you guessed it, the Tigers.

So here I am standing at a busy intersection in Windsor, Ontario looking at a truck with the logo from Missouri University. That's roughly 1000km away. That works out to be about 11 hours driving time away. Why did this truck with this logo just happen to appear before me as I was thinking about these things?

I'll never know. It was just very strange.

Other things:

My Moojenny has a new beau. He sounds like a really good dude, and if you ever read my comments then you've already seen some of what he has to say. He treats my Jenny well and that's all I can ask for. Jen's been through a lot of tough stuff and really deserves a good person to be there for her. Click HERE to check out Chris's blog.

The weather here has finally gotten past that blah stage and a true spring is starting. I love mid 70 weather. Green grass, new flowers, blue skies and bugs are really wonderful to see after so many months of blah and gray.

For about the fourth week in a row, I fell asleep just as the main event of WWE RAW was starting. I think the ring music near the end of the show has some kind of lullaby effect on me. It never fails. I start to nods off during the intro's and *BLAM* wake up to Lance Krall doing something stupid. Very Very strange.

Speaking of wrestling, I finished that Death of WCW book. If you haven't read a book about the Monday Night Wars, this is a pretty good one. There are a few things that I didn't like (some of it took a little too much artistic license), but overall it's a good book.

DC's lead-ins to Infinite Crisis(just as an aside, I haven't read that so there maybe some spoilers) have been pretty spectacular thus far. I'm loving this. Comics are going threw a really great time right now and I think the industry is about to go into a really big boom time again, kinda like the early 90's. I just hope they learned from the last time and don't kill the market with crappy variants and stuff like last time.

Did I mention my tattoo is really gross right now? I want it to heal so I can play with it and stuff. *Sigh*



Monday, May 30, 2005

Which Revenge of the Sith Character Am I?

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