Monday, October 31, 2005

Wackiness Abounds...

First things first, Happy Halloween!

Ok, now that that's over with...

Once upon a time, like circa 1995 or so, that title of today's entry was my slogan in life. Everything was wacky...and that fits perfectly into how my day was yesterday.

As a lot of readers know(I'm allowed to say that now, I'm averaging about 6 repeat user hits a day now...woohoo), yesterday was the Bears/Lions game in Detroit...and I had to be there or life isn't right.

I got up early to get ready and I think you could feel the energy oozing off me. There's something about seeing my Bears playing Detroit that just makes my hair stand on end. I feel this zest and craziness that's can't be described.

My friends Marc, Mark and Mark's brother Jeff came to pick me up at around 9:30. Marc came into the house to get me and I did my ritual of picking him up...but this time I was either too excited or he's lost weight because when I went to pick him up I kind of threw him up in the air. I was able to safely catch him, but I couldn't do it without falling down yeah...way to start the day looking like a dumb ass...but what did I care? I was seeing the Bears.

We got to the Detroit about 20 or so minutes later(with no hassles at the border, which was a big plus!). When we tailgate we go to this old Vietnam Vets hospital, it's free to park, but they do ask for a donation. We each chipped in $5US(which is a deal) and started with the festivities. Mark bought a ton of food(which isn't surprising, the dude can out eat me any day of the week, which is quite the feat). We had Hamburgers, Sausages and a little beverage called beer. Ahhhh...Beer.

I think we were there for about an hour and a half(beer = umm really an hours gone by?) and then headed out to Ford Field.

I got bugged quite a bit by the Lions fans on the way. They are all quite jealous, I'm sure. Many years of sub-pardom(and by many I mean, all) will do that to a fan base.

Marc and I had our(read:Rod's) usual tickets in the Family Fun Zone, but they didn't feel like the usual seats. A quarter into the game, we realized why....they weren't the usual seats...we had been sitting in someone else's seats. We had been sitting in the wrong seats, completely unaware. So after a few minutes of searching, we found our proper seats and I immersed myself in the game.

To be honest much of it is a blur now. I know that we(Da Bears) were up, then we were down then we were tied, but I don't remember much else. Then it was overtime.

Now last year, we went into overtime against Detroit on Boxing day. The Bears scored a touch down, but that was called back and the Lions won that game. It ruined my holiday season last year. So, as you can probably guess I was having some bad flash backs.


We won this one. YES!


So after the game, it wasn't the Lions' fans doing the razzing.:-D

We got back at about 5 and I lost my voice shortly there after. Marc has since complained that I gave him a headache with all my shouting. Oh well...just wait and see how I'm going to be in a few weeks in the Windy City, good buddy. BWahahahahah!


There's some pictures up on my Moblog if you want to take a look.

So after basking in the glory that is being a Bears fan(well this week, anyway) I jumped on the computer and was quite surprised with a message I had received.

One of my good friends from college had tracked me down. I emailed her back and we got to discussing some of the old days. I hadn't talked to her for about 10 years. It was quite the trip. She dated one of my best friends(my boss now, but still one of my best friends) and some crazy stuff happened between them. Since I was close with them both, it was really hard on me. She did some really stupid things and I allowed our friendship to fall away because of how she treated my friend.

Anyway, much to my surprise, she had been trying to track me down for a while. It was really nice catching up with her and see what she's been up to since. Much to my surprise she had a plethora of old pictures of the old group...and I was in a bunch of them. I didn't like having my picture taken back then(or now really), so I didn't even know a lot of them existed. I might put some up on my Moblog, but below is a an example.

That was my first moustache, and I thought it looked HOT!...yeah...with age comes knowledge.

If anyone wants to see more, let me know and I'll post them on the moblog.

Anyway, this is one long ass post. Soooo....




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Tanya said...

You will never lose me again, stuck for life, lucky you!!!

Love ya babe