Friday, October 28, 2005

Last Week's Comic Of The Week: Justice #2

So I'm a little late on this.

This one has a really cool story and probably the best art on any book currently out there, but then again...It's by Alex Ross.

Short and sweet: This is a non-continuity book about the Justice League. It's a great starting book for people curious about comics, but not wanting to be bogged down by characters they don't know and story they aren't sure of.

Comic Of The Week:

Justice #2

Written by Jim Krueger & Alex Ross; Art by Doug Braithwaite & Ross; Cover by Ross

The unbelievable bimonthly 12-part maxiseries created by Alex Ross (KINGDOM COME), Jim Krueger (Earth X) and Doug Braithwaite (Paradise X) continues! The Riddler leads Batman into a mystery within a mystery through his compulsion to speak the truth through riddles. Does he hold the key to the reason the villains are helping mankind? Plus, Aquaman falls victim to one of the DCU's most nefarious criminals!

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PS: Busy week. More Bloggy fun coming, check out my moblog on Sunday for some images of the Bears/Lions game, as well as some pictures of a Doyon Family get together.

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