Friday, October 14, 2005

3:31 AM...

So I got a cell call at 3:31 AM today. Only problem was I left my cell in my pants...which were hanging in the other room.

Whoever called didn't leave a message, which totally urks me. Even if it was a wrong number I think whoever it was should have left a message saying, "hey, I f*cked up and called the wrong number. Sorry to disturb you."

But it also makes me wonder if it was something more.

Maybe it was someone that needed to talk to me.

Maybe it was someone I was waiting to call and because I didn't have enough sense to pull my phone out and charge it for the night, I missed it.

Maybe it was like that movie, the one where the chick is in trouble and the young man has to save the day...and my phone was in my pants in the other room.

No chance to be the hero today.



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