Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hellos and Goodbyes...

I have a lot of mixed emotions today.

Today a good friend of mine is leaving for the next phase of his dream job. My buddy Scott leaves tonight for Johnstown to work for the minor league affiliate to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Scott's a trainer. He's only a few years into his career and very close to doing exactly what he's always wanted to for the NHL.

Scott's a great person and I couldn't be happier for him.

It's kind of a weird thing. I don't know Scotty all that well, but I feel a kinship with him. We don't see each other all that often, but I think we both like each other a great deal. Whenever the two of us get together we laugh and tell stories and enjoy each others company but neither of us has ever really made an effort to really get to know each other that well. I kind of wonder if that's something that happens as you get older. Do you have the friends you have and that's it? Does that ability to make new good friends go away because you've got what you need? Or is that just something I've conjured to justify my lack of effort? I dunno.

Anywho, I'm going to the bar tonight to wish Scotty a fond farewell and I'm sure we'll laugh and tell stories and enjoy each others company, as we've always done.

Other Stuff:

I need to get away. Work and the people I work with are getting to me. The place I live(not home by any stretch anymore) is getting to me. This city is getting to me. I need to get away.

For the past few years, I've had the ability to get away when I needed to. I've been able to jump on a jet and fly to a place where I could escape Windsor and everything happening here and just get to be me and enjoy being myself in a different surrounding, doing different things.

That place isn't there for the foreseeable future, so what do I do now?

I go to the place I should have been from...Chicago!!!

Marc, Rich and I are going to the Windy City the second weekend in November to watch my Chicago Bears trounce the sadly San Francisco 49ers. Yes both legendary dynasties are in a bit of a rut, but with Marc(a die hard 'Niners fan), Rich and I(Bears fans threw and threw) there I'm thinking our teams are going to relive the rivalry that was so alive and strong in the mid 80's.

I love Chicago. I have a great Aunt and Uncle that live there and I've always thought of the city as where I was meant to be. I can't wait.



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