Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Having a tattoo rules...I just want it to stop looking gross and gooey.

Gross and gooey = Not sexy.

Leaky, blister juice = not sexy at all.

This time next week = back to the rip roaring stud.

Random things before equal signs = so two periods ago.

A few posts back I mentioned that I had a Missouri side note.

The city in Missouri that I used to visit often was called Columbia. The last time I was there some not so fun stuff happened and I was/am pretty heart broken about it. Old news.

Last week I was sitting out in front of work, smoking a Du Maurier thinking about life and some of the trials and tribulations I've been going threw the last little bit. I thought about my trip there, about the stuff that happened there, about the stuff happening with my mom (my ride was really late). I wondered if I'll ever fall in love again or if that love will ever be returned. It was some pretty heavy thinking. I looked up at the traffic lights outside of work and noticed a yellow truck; don't know why it caught my eye. The truck was yellow with black stripes on it, leading to something on the back. When the light changed and the truck drove towards me I instantly recognized the logo. It was a tiger. In fact it was THIS tiger. Now some of you might recognize said tiger, for those that don't let me explain. Columbia is the home of Missouri University. Mizzou (as it is known)'s mascot and team name is, you guessed it, the Tigers.

So here I am standing at a busy intersection in Windsor, Ontario looking at a truck with the logo from Missouri University. That's roughly 1000km away. That works out to be about 11 hours driving time away. Why did this truck with this logo just happen to appear before me as I was thinking about these things?

I'll never know. It was just very strange.

Other things:

My Moojenny has a new beau. He sounds like a really good dude, and if you ever read my comments then you've already seen some of what he has to say. He treats my Jenny well and that's all I can ask for. Jen's been through a lot of tough stuff and really deserves a good person to be there for her. Click HERE to check out Chris's blog.

The weather here has finally gotten past that blah stage and a true spring is starting. I love mid 70 weather. Green grass, new flowers, blue skies and bugs are really wonderful to see after so many months of blah and gray.

For about the fourth week in a row, I fell asleep just as the main event of WWE RAW was starting. I think the ring music near the end of the show has some kind of lullaby effect on me. It never fails. I start to nods off during the intro's and *BLAM* wake up to Lance Krall doing something stupid. Very Very strange.

Speaking of wrestling, I finished that Death of WCW book. If you haven't read a book about the Monday Night Wars, this is a pretty good one. There are a few things that I didn't like (some of it took a little too much artistic license), but overall it's a good book.

DC's lead-ins to Infinite Crisis(just as an aside, I haven't read that so there maybe some spoilers) have been pretty spectacular thus far. I'm loving this. Comics are going threw a really great time right now and I think the industry is about to go into a really big boom time again, kinda like the early 90's. I just hope they learned from the last time and don't kill the market with crappy variants and stuff like last time.

Did I mention my tattoo is really gross right now? I want it to heal so I can play with it and stuff. *Sigh*



Monday, May 30, 2005

Which Revenge of the Sith Character Am I?

Click the link below to take the quiz...

You scored as Darth Vader.

Darth Vader


Anakin Skywalker






Clone Trooper


Mace Windu


Obi Wan Kenobi


General Grievous






Padme Amidala


Emperor Palpatine


Which Revenge of the Sith Character are you?
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Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Day Luthor and Nicole Got Tattoos...

I got mine first but since this is my blog, Nic gets the first pictures...(click thumbnails to see the whole picture)

This is the basic sketch of Nic's. She's a Scorpio and wanted a scorpion

Our tattoo artist, Rob, at work starting Nic's tattoo.

This is Nic's with the actual tattoo part outlined. Nic was in pain.

Nic's tattoo completed. It's kind of swollen, so the details aren't apparent yet. I'll get another picture soon.

And now for the star of our show...

Me in the chair, shortly after Rob started.

Rob at work on my arm.

Me with basic outline complete and some of the colouring done.

Me done, looking unhappy. Not sure why.

Mine all done. How BEAUTIFUL!

Couple of things:

Rob was just awesome. He was really cool. He joked around with us and answered any questions we had. He was very professional and made the experience really worth while. If you live in the Windsor area Rob is the guy to see. You can contact him at: steelsanctuary@bellnet.ca.

Everyone had me really freaked out about the pain and, much to my surprise(because I'm a giant wimp), it really didn't hurt too bad. Don't get me wrong, there was pain but it wasn't like it was a horrible horrbile thing and it certainly wouldn't stop me from getting another one someday down the road. Nic was in more then a little pain, but I think that had more to do with her being in an uncomfortable position for the duration of the tattoo.

Marc decided against getting his today, but I think after seeing Nic and I get it done he really wants to get it done now. Sam(Nic's husband), who really didn't like the idea of Nic getting a tattoo, was even talking about getting some ink somewhere down the road. Rob was just that great. It was a really really wonderful experience.



Friday, May 27, 2005

Amazing Before and After Pictures...or You Know...I'm Bored



2 great tastes, 1 hunky dude...



Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Welcome to El Sucko Week!

Sorry for the lack of updates this past week.

Once a year I get a horrible cold/allergy/flu/death plague thing and this week just happened to be that time of year. I've been battling a fever(which I think has passed), sore throat, stuffed sinuses and a myriad of other ailments that has kept me from doing much of anything. I hate being sick. It sucks huge goat balls.

I haven't gotten the chance to see Star Wars again due my afflictions, and that pisses me off more then I can put into words. I haven't been able to eat much, which also pisses me off. I haven't slept much(which is nothing new, but sucks even more when you know a little sleep would make you feel MUCH better).

She hasn't said it yet, but my Mother is asking all kinds of questions which lead me to believe she thinks I'm on drugs. That all in itself is pretty funny. Besides my smoking(which is cool), the very occasional beer(people get the impression I drink a lot more then I do) and maybe a over the counter pain killer(ibuprohin has been very nice since I got sick) I haven't had anything close to drugs in a long long time. I went through a period where I was smoking a lot of weed but it wore on me and I just didn't like it anymore. Then I had a really bad weed related experience and decided not to even do it occasionally. I think that was about 5 or 6 years ago and I haven't looked back. So yeah, good times ahead with my mother. Can't wait for that conversation as I'm sure my hysterical laughter won't do anything to ease her worries.

Saturday is the big day and someone is starting to be a wuss.

Speaking of Saturday(well last anyway), I went for my first Tux fitting. While I wouldn't say it was my favorite experience, it wasn't as horrible as others have lead me to believe it was going to be. The didn't do any of the dreaded inseam measurements. Besides having to reveal my weight to a complete stranger it truly wasn't that bad. Funny side note: as the girl was measuring my ass I put my arm down and clonked her in the head. She was a true professional and didn't say anything about it. I imagine she probably went on a triad about the clumsy doofus after I left, but she was cool about it while I was there.

Being sick has had one positive side effect. I've been able to catch up on some reading. I've finished reading a book I started during my last trip to Missouri(I have another little side note about that later) started and finished another and I'm about three quarters into another.

Since a history course in High School, I've been a big buff of the falling of the Romanov Empire. It's really the only history that has elements of almost every kind of story telling. There's a love story(Nicholas and Alexandra), weird and creepy super natural stuff(Grigori Rasputin), betrayal(I might get some heat for saying this but basically the British Monarchy decided to leave their family on their own to face whatever was coming. If Britain had opened it's doors to their cousins, a lot of bad sh!t probably wouldn't have gone down) and great tragedy(The Fall of the Romanovs'). This book tries to prove that some members of the family(Alexei and one of his sisters) were either set free or escaped the brutal murders of the Russian Royal family. This book claims that Alexei lived a long healthy life in Communist Russia. With some help, he changed his name, went to work, had children and lived a relatively good life in the communist regime. All of this could possibly be true. The one major flaw with this story is that Alexei was a hemophilac(a number of people believe that a big part of the reason things went as badly in Russia as they did was due to the Czar and his wife taking too much time with Alexei and trying to find a cure this disease). While the author's try to explain this, I don't know if I buy it. The book is a good read while the Authors' are explaining the history of the events and the story of the escaped Alexei, but I found it hard to get through the science of the events. I should mention that the Author's are scientists trying to scientifically prove that this guy was Alexei. If you are looking to learn about the Fall of the Romanov Empire, this isn't the book to do it with. If you already know a little about the events and have a scientific mind, then I'd recommend it to you.

Then I read:

I've mentioned a bunch of times that I'm a big Lewis Black fan. With the exception of maybe Dave Chappelle(who, apparently, has gone insane) I don't know if there is a funnier stand up alive. I liked his book quite a bit, but a good majority of it is just rehashing his stand up material, and quite honestly if you're buying the book chances are you've heard or seen his stand up. The book shines while he talks about growing up Jewish in Suburban Washington, DC or when he talks of his days in college or his rampant drug use during...well...lets just say his rampant drug use. So unless you've never heard his stand up or are a hard core fan, I'd stay away from this one.

The book I'm currently reading:

The Death of WCW

I'm not finished this one yet. It's a pretty good tale of the Monday Night Wars that looks at the story from the eyes of the losers...and, boy howdy, were they losers. The Author's(who are also responsible for one of my favorite wrestling books and websites, WrestleCrap) take a lot of "artistic license" while telling the story of the events. It's a good funny read. I'll let you know what I think of it after I've finished it completely.

Whoa...that was a long post. I've got a few more things to write about but I'll wait until I have nothing to write about. Again sorry for the lack of updates in the past week.



Thursday, May 19, 2005

Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

I'm having a really hard time writing this. I just wanted it to be so good, that it couldn't possibly meet the hype I had built for it. There's no way anything could. It's just unrealistic to go in with that kind of expectation and walk out satisfied.

Or, you know...NOT!!!

Sith lived up to everything I wanted it to be. Were there things I didn't like? Sure. Did those things ruin the movie? No, not in the slightest.

I was asked earlier this morning to use one word to describe it. Dark is the closest thing I could come up with. It's really really dark. I would even go so far as to say I'm surprised that is got away with a PG-13 rating. There's some heavy sh!t going on in this flick. It's not a bloody or gory or anything but there's A LOT of death. But the fact of the matter is, this film needed it. Lucas needed to show how far Anakin fell to become Vader and... boy, howdy.

It also did a nice job of tying into A New Hope and explaining things. My friends didn't think so, but I thought they really left a lot of things open to do more down the road if Lucas decided he wanted to.

There are still a lot of plot holes and things unexplained(like in a bad way unexplained), but I was truly expecting that. Nothing is perfect and you just have to take the good with the bad, and enjoy the good while trying not to think of that bad.

So all in all it was just amazing. A definite must see, even if you only liked Eps 4-6.



Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...Today...

The movie starts at 12:05 am tonight and I am on pins and needles.

My lovely friend Moojenny(who is the bestest. Jen's helped me threw some really tough times of late, and I'll always be grateful and thankful that I get to talk to such an awesome person. ) is talking to me and helping get my mind off of it, but I'm so stoked.

I can't wait to read the opening title scroll.

I'm so excited to hear the crack hiss of the lightsaber.

The thrill of the fight scenes.

I have been waiting for this forever.

The wait is near over.

It's a good day to be alive...




A few minutes after I originally posted this I found out that Frank Gorshin died. Gorshin is best known for his work as the Riddler on the 60's era Batman TV show. To me, his Riddler is the Riddler.

Gorshin hosted a documentary about comic books that I bought years and years ago, just as my love for the hobby was starting to take it's form. My first real lesson in comic history came from that documentary. So, in my mind, Frank was kind of my first teacher of comic book history.

Thanks Frank...


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Google Scares Me...

Seeing as how I'm near death from exhaustion and bored out of my skull, I did what I usually do when I'm bored and near death...Googled my blog name.

Luthor.blogspot.com googled with "Find web pages that contain the term "Luthors.blogspot.com""

Now this is just geeky and makes me feel like a royal nerd. Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht are the former hosts of The Screen Savers and the last one is also Tech TV related, Cat Swartz(who is YUMMY). What's really nerdy and sad is...well...these are comments I left on thier Moblogs. I need a hobby. The other thing is just my Digg profile. Digg rules by the way.

Luthor's Story of a World Gone Retarded googled, plain jane.

Most of this stuff is just comic booky links to Lex Luthor stories that are retarded. That pleases me to no end.

What gets me is this thing, that link leads to this one. What the hell is this? Since I'm too lazy to actually figure it out, somone PLEASE email me and tell me what this crazy stuff is all about! The Horror! <--- Very Random, I know but it made me laugh so I'm leaving it and this in. Did I mention I was up at 2am this morning?

At very least it looks like Luthor's Story of a World Gone Retarded is somewhat valuble on whatever the hell this thing is. Yeah, that means I rule and kick ass at the same time...booyah!

More whining and self-pittying soon.


PS: Do you suffer from BFS? Find out soon...


PSSS: Can you find the hidden message in today's blog?

Saturday, May 14, 2005

I Think I'm Retarded...

Here I am at work, on a Saturday.

After all the crap thats gone on this past week, what do I do? Volunteer to work on a Saturday. What is even more stupid then that? Agree to come in at 4 AM. What's a lot more dumb then that? Doing it 2 days in a row.

I'm working a 12 hour shift today(4 AM to 3:30 PM, I know it's not 12 hours but it's close enough and it still sucks) and tomorrow I'm starting at 4 AM and working until 11:30AM.

I'm retarded.

But all of this does have an upside.

Next week I have Thursday booked off(for Star Wars, I know, sad) and I think since I'm working tomorrow I might be able to convince the boss to let me take Friday off next weekend. If that all goes as planned I should get 5 days off in a row, and that would seriously kick some solid ass.

So sleepy.



Wednesday, May 11, 2005

In This World of Sh!t...

This week has been really bad.

Saturday was a really nice beautiful day. I got to spend it with my best friend and his family. Over time they have become more of a family to me then my own and I love them all very much. We sat and talked and told stories and laughed and it was just awesome and really something that I needed and didn't realize how much I needed it until after the fact. We had a tremendous steak dinner, drank some beer(or continued to after going to the
Beer Company, which was also awesome) and then watched National Treasure(not a bad movie, not a great movie).

Sunday I was a little hung over, but it was still a nice relaxing day. Didn't do much, played some PS2, watched some boob tube, you know usual boring everyday stuff. It was nice.

I was hoping that weekend mood would parlay into a nice relaxing week.

I was wrong.

As you may or may not know from reading this, I'm a pretty mellow laid back guy. It takes a lot to make me angry. As a result, some people I work with decided over time to try and anger me or piss me off. Most of the time I just let it slide. Sometimes I will admit that things hurt, but I'm a bottler so I just keep it all in and shrug it off. Well Monday someone decided to shake the bottle.

Someone, a guy I had considered a friend, made a nasty comment about my weight. Usually this wouldn't bother me, I'm well aware that I'm overweight and like most things I have a sense of humour about it. What was different about it this time was that he sat in a corner with someone and traded little nasty jabs about me to each other. The other guy is a complete f#ckhead and completely worthless, so I've just ignored pretty much anything he's said to me for about 3 years. Hearing someone you like say nasty, hurtful things about you is never pleasant. So as the f#ckhead was screaming to me what was being said I turned my back and walked away. The supposed friend decided that he needed keep mouthing off and making smart assed comments. So as he was shouting something at me from across the dome, I turned around and told him to f#ck himself. Thinking I was joking back with him, he kept at it. Now if you are pissed off and someone keeps at you, it's not fun and just makes you all the more angry. So, in about as angry a tone as I have, I said "F#CK YOU!" He got the point and neither of us has said a word to the other since.

Now the worthless f#ckhead has been on my ass since. I really think he wants me to get physical. I think the c*cksucker wants me to punch him. I haven't had a real fight since grade school. I have no desire to fight anyone or anything. Ever. It's not my deal. Now that being said, I don't know how else to resolve this situation. The @sshole has just pushed all the buttons and I don't know what to do.

All of this, plus a certain someone texting me about a person, who makes me feel instantly insecure and some stuff with my mom has made this the WORST WEEK EVER....and it's only f#cking Wednesday.

I'm truly expecting frogs to start raining down from the heavens or a swarm of locusts tomorrow.

I just want a nice peaceful day where I go to work and do my job without being bothered by a bunch of prepubescent middle aged men.




PS: A big thanks to my friends who have helped me during this sh!tty time. I really think I'd go nuts with out them. Not a lot of them read this, but some do and each of them truly helps me feel a little more normal.

polarcheese and moojenny(who is the bestest and has no idea how much she's helped me in the last week) were the only ones that commented on being bit hitters. For that they instantly kick ass. Thanks guys. Click their names to check out their blogs. They are both two of my favorites.

PSSS: One week today. STAR WARS. F#cking eh!

Friday, May 06, 2005

I Want to Post, But What to Say?

It's hard trying to come up with things to talk about for this. I want to post daily, but I have SUCH a boring life. I just have nothing to say.

My Star Wars frenzy is crazy high. I want to see this movie so bad. I start thinking about it and get that googley feeling, like a 6 year old on Christmas morning. I know, I'm a sad geeky man.

Tomorrow some friends and I are going to the Detroit Beer Company for lunch. I've never been but there's a similar place in Missourah called Flat Branch. I loved Flat Branch and I'm expecting to enjoy this just as much. Only one problem...Which beer do I drink? Oh the drama.

After lunch we're going to a tattoo place to inquire about getting some ink. I've wanted one for a while and have just come to the conclusion that I need to get off my @ss and get it. I want the Superman Emblem on this cover, hoping to get it on my shoulder or the peak of my arm. Kingdom Come is my favorite comic book story and I just love that image.

Moojenny's blog has already been updated more in the last day then mine has in like a week. Reading it has made me feel really insecure. I want to be a good writer so bad. Jenny just seems so natural in her writing. I wish I could just let it flow. (That Kev guy sounds like a real stud btw) *sigh*

Anyway, think it's time for a beer.



PS: Almost at 1000 hits, so just like last time, how about everyone from 1000 to 1010 leave a comment and say hi. Let the good times roll!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Podcasts Experiment = TOTAL FAILURE

So it's just 24 hours later and my first podcast was a bust...how...sad. No fears I'll try again, as I know there's a HUGE demand to hear my baritone vocals all over the internet...ahhh yeah!

I've been checking out a bunch of stuff lately and thought I'd tell you what sites I've been surfing in the last little bit since I have nothing to talk about...yet.

My newest and first checked blog when I get home from work...THE FREAKING KEVIN SMITH BLOG!!! Yes sir, Kevin "I'm a god among fanboys" Smith has a freaking blog...and it's good. Like really good. He talks about everything, from who he ate breakfast with to when and what he masturbates to. Just like Kevin's films, it's funny, topical and real. Gotta love it! Check it out here.

Everyone that reads this knows I'm a tech junkie. I loves me some tech stuff. Of course I check out Slashdot, but my favorite tech news site is Digg. Digg was created by Kevin Rose, of The Screen Savers, Attack of the Show(which is the sh!ttiest show name EVER!) and thebroken fame. It's a lot like Slashdot, but I find it much more user friendly, and a lot less geek friendly. Don't let the tech heavy features scare you away, there's all kinds of stories. Check it out here.

My favoritest Uk'er, Jenny, has started a blog. Make sure you check it out and leave her lots of comments. Jenny is a LONG time chat friend and I love her to bits. Moojenny is one of only like 3 or 4 online people I would ever meet in real life. She's a real sweetheart. Make sure you check it out here.

When I have more to say, I'll post more.



Wednesday, May 04, 2005

First Podcast...

Well I asked and demand was huge(I got 1 whole response!) so here it is...

MY FIRST PODCAST(Click here and awaaaaay we go!)



Sunday, May 01, 2005

Pet Peeves...

People that dissappear in the middle of IM conversations for no apparent reason; People that refuse to accept that things are just as good or better now then they were when they were my age(i.e. Music, Movies, ETC); Mike; Little Posers; People that decide 7:30am on a Sunday is a really good time to take their mini bikes for a ride; Not being able to fall back to sleep after said people do such things; Work; How sh!tty Savage Dragon is now compared to how amazing it used to be; Myself for just writing that; People thinking their email address should be ____(insert name)@email. Hi Mom; Charlie for attacking my FTA; Myself for being so grumpy; Every other stupid thing happening today.