Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Having a tattoo rules...I just want it to stop looking gross and gooey.

Gross and gooey = Not sexy.

Leaky, blister juice = not sexy at all.

This time next week = back to the rip roaring stud.

Random things before equal signs = so two periods ago.

A few posts back I mentioned that I had a Missouri side note.

The city in Missouri that I used to visit often was called Columbia. The last time I was there some not so fun stuff happened and I was/am pretty heart broken about it. Old news.

Last week I was sitting out in front of work, smoking a Du Maurier thinking about life and some of the trials and tribulations I've been going threw the last little bit. I thought about my trip there, about the stuff that happened there, about the stuff happening with my mom (my ride was really late). I wondered if I'll ever fall in love again or if that love will ever be returned. It was some pretty heavy thinking. I looked up at the traffic lights outside of work and noticed a yellow truck; don't know why it caught my eye. The truck was yellow with black stripes on it, leading to something on the back. When the light changed and the truck drove towards me I instantly recognized the logo. It was a tiger. In fact it was THIS tiger. Now some of you might recognize said tiger, for those that don't let me explain. Columbia is the home of Missouri University. Mizzou (as it is known)'s mascot and team name is, you guessed it, the Tigers.

So here I am standing at a busy intersection in Windsor, Ontario looking at a truck with the logo from Missouri University. That's roughly 1000km away. That works out to be about 11 hours driving time away. Why did this truck with this logo just happen to appear before me as I was thinking about these things?

I'll never know. It was just very strange.

Other things:

My Moojenny has a new beau. He sounds like a really good dude, and if you ever read my comments then you've already seen some of what he has to say. He treats my Jenny well and that's all I can ask for. Jen's been through a lot of tough stuff and really deserves a good person to be there for her. Click HERE to check out Chris's blog.

The weather here has finally gotten past that blah stage and a true spring is starting. I love mid 70 weather. Green grass, new flowers, blue skies and bugs are really wonderful to see after so many months of blah and gray.

For about the fourth week in a row, I fell asleep just as the main event of WWE RAW was starting. I think the ring music near the end of the show has some kind of lullaby effect on me. It never fails. I start to nods off during the intro's and *BLAM* wake up to Lance Krall doing something stupid. Very Very strange.

Speaking of wrestling, I finished that Death of WCW book. If you haven't read a book about the Monday Night Wars, this is a pretty good one. There are a few things that I didn't like (some of it took a little too much artistic license), but overall it's a good book.

DC's lead-ins to Infinite Crisis(just as an aside, I haven't read that so there maybe some spoilers) have been pretty spectacular thus far. I'm loving this. Comics are going threw a really great time right now and I think the industry is about to go into a really big boom time again, kinda like the early 90's. I just hope they learned from the last time and don't kill the market with crappy variants and stuff like last time.

Did I mention my tattoo is really gross right now? I want it to heal so I can play with it and stuff. *Sigh*



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