Sunday, June 05, 2005

Why The Weather Sucks and New Movies...

It's f#cking hot right now.

According to Forecast Fox, my Firefox weather extension, it's currently 32°C out right now. That's without the freaking humidity. Around here you have to add anywhere from 2 - 7 degrees extra for that.

We didn't really get a real spring this year. It was cold one day and then the next it was hot. A week ago I was in a sweater and jeans at work because it was chilly.

I have a little request for everyone. I'm really have a craving to see a good new movie. I tried to watch Ocean's Twelve last night, but I was continually interrupted by someone who hasn't seen Ocean's Eleven and kept asking who "that guy" was and why "he" was there. I changed the channel soon there after. I really liked the first one(which is a remake, I know but it's still the first one to me) and I'm hoping the sequel doesn't disappoint. But on to the request. Can everyone leave the name of their favorite movies my comment area? Doesn't matter if they are big budget or Indy films, just leave me a bunch of movie titles. Let me know what I should be watching.




moojenny said...


Matrix - But thats a bit Old n boring now.
Labyrinth - Always.

Apparently Napoleon dynamite is a good new one. And couple of the guys at work been raving about churchill - the hollywood years. Though that might just be funny to people this side of the pond. :)

have fun. :)

ciege said...

Stand by Me
Seven Samurai
Battle Royale
Garden State

polarcheese said...

gandhi - long (3hrs), but one of the most moving films i have ever seen.
Dodgeball - funny
Anything by Monty Python
If you want to really get into something watch 24 series 1, i know it's not a film, but i rented this off amazon, and was totaly hooked for about 2 months.

Anonymous said...

meet the parents - best movie ever

Anonymous said...

meet the parents...yeah...good flick