Sunday, June 12, 2005

So Lazy...

This heat is killing me.

It's currently 28°C. It's been at least that for about a week now and it's slowly but surely frying what little brain cells I have left. Being my size I think I feel the heat more so then a regular sized person. It's stifling.

Last night we celebrated my bestfriend's birthday.

How did we do so you ask?

We went to Hooter's!

Marc, his sister and brother(Nic and Rich) and I went to Hooter's in Windsor for the first time. For those that don't know, Hooter's is a restaurant known for their Wings and busty waitresses. I've eaten at Hooter's in Detroit a few times, but this was my first foray in Canada. I have to say, the food is much better on the other side of the border...but the scenery was nice.

After dinner we went back to Marc's, joined by Mr. Rodney Gaggin' and indulged in more then a few Bud Lights and conversation. I love nights like that. Getting together with good friends and laughing about the recent and distant past, catching up with everything going on in each other's lives. It's so nice to be around normal decent people.

After more then a few hours of drinks and laughs, we decided to crash. Since both Rich and Nic decided to spend the night, my usual sleeping spot at the Doyon residence was taken, so I opted for Marc's bedroom floor. Marc gave me a pillow that can best be described as what they must use to fill hole's in the side of boats with. I tried to bend it to some kind of shape that would allow me to get comfy but everytime I got it right, the damn thing would spring back into that same rock hard pillow shape. Needless to say, I didn't sleep real well.

When I woke up Marc's parents had made a huge breakfast. I really do feel like I'm a part of their family. There was melon, strawberries, various breads, coffee, potato cakes(or hashbrowns, if you will) and my ultimate favorite breakfast food, Peameal bacon(Canadian Bacon to the Americans). We ate out on their patio and basically renewed our conversations from the night before, although I have to admit, I was feeling a wee bit rough.

Today is going to be one of those awesome days, I can feel it. I don't plan on doing much other then relaxing. Later tonight WWE is doing an ECW revival Pay-Per-View and I'm really looking forward to it and it will be the perfect cap to a lovely weekend.

The tomorrow back to the hellhole and the unforgiving heat. Ugh...



PS: I finally got that Audioscrobbler thing to work. To check out what I'm listening to go to

PPS: Here's a picture of my last trip to Hooter's(click to enlarge).

Marc, Rodney Gaggin', Myself and Nic's husband, Sam

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