Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Trouble With Dreams...

Having weird dreams is nothing new to me.

As far back as I can remember, I've had this one reoccurring dream:

I'm about 5(which is about the time the dream started), fighting with my grandfather about going to bed in the house I lived in during that part of my life. I'm doing the usual little kid rant about monsters under the bed, boogey men in the closet and just not wanting to miss out on anything. My grandfather does a pretty hefty inspection of the room to let me know alls clear; I give in and go to bed.

That part of the dream has always remained the same no matter what. Old house, young Me, Grandfather etc etc. From here on things are different, but usually follow the same road.

I hear a cross between Gregorian Chanting Monks and monkey screams and my bed starts to lower. When this happens I'm usually whatever age I am while I'm having the dream. I'm no longer in my room(One side note: with the exception of when I was in college I have never had a bedroom that didn't have another floor beneath me). I can see what looks like the ruins of some kind of lost city(imagine a scary Old New York from Futurama) and a lot of non-corporeal eyes staring at me.

I never feel like I'm in danger, but I do have the urge to get away. Around this time I feel a thunk and see a bunch of little green/white hands grab the sides of the bed(which is what ever bed I'm currently sleeping in while I'm having the dream) and I can feel myself being carried(most of the time the motion synchronizes to the monkey scream chants). I always have the urge to see what's carrying me, but I'm too afraid to look.

The eyes all disappear, the noises stop and all I can see is black. Then there's a flicker of light off in the distance(it appears up). I hear foreign laughter and feel a big heave.

I'm falling up towards the light. The closer I get to the light the clearer it gets. Just as I'm about to hit it, I recognize it. It's the underside of a sewer grate. I pass out.

I "wake up" in a pile of garbage(as the age I am while having the dream) in front of my grandparents house. My grandmother is standing on the porch shouting for me to get in the house and get ready for school. Behind me, on the street coming from the sewer grate, I can hear the monkey chants and the same foreign laughter.

I really wake up and feel embarrassed, confused and terrified.

Why write about this?

I had this dream, for the first time in about 4 years, Sunday night.

Any dream interpretation would be welcome.



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