Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I Can't Wait For Vacation...

Last night marked the one thing that always shows it's time for me to take vacation...

I dreamt about cars.

I had a dream about doing my job. As if doing it all day long wasn't bad enough, I dreamt about doing it all night long. Makes for a doubly exhausting day.

Not much going on right now. I live a boring existence.

Few things:

The new Foo Fighters is really quite awesome. Buy it.

ECW: One Night Stand was like going back in time. I haven't felt that way about wrestling for years and years. It really made my weekend all the sweeter. The shoots from Paul E and RVD were worth the price of admission. Getting to hear Joey Styles doing play-by-play one more time was just amazing. God, I miss it.

It actually wasn't hot today. Yay!

I've really developed a true hatred for Weezer. Thanks Dan.

Almost all day I've had an old cereal commercial song stuck in my head. "'s a cereal now...Nintendo...It's a cereal? Wow!" to the Super Mario Brothers theme song. GAH!

Moojenny has gone away on a little vacation. I was cranky last time I talked to her and I think I upset her a little bit. *sigh*

I've been told twice in a last little bit, that I'm angry at the world and that I'm taking it out on people. Wonder if there's truth in that...hmm...or you know...F#CK them.

Ok enough randomness. More to say when I have something to say.



1 comment:

moojenny said...

didnt upset me u daftie! Just worried about u, want u to be happy.

Saw system last night, all achey and smelly today, but was well cool. Will speak to you soon tho.

Take care, missing you cutie!!!