Monday, June 06, 2005

Days off...

I had the day off work today. I don't know why but having a weekday off(none holiday) always seems to feel better then a Saturday or Sunday. I feel more relaxed and it seems like there are more hours in the day. It's nice.

It's still too f#cking hot, but not as f#cking hot as it was yesterday.

Two months from yesterday will me my 29th birthday and I think the reality of almost being 30 hit me last night. I'm almost 30. I think I'm going through some kind of almost 30 crisis. It hit me that I'm lonely; if I were to die today, no one would particularly notice and I'm really in a rut. I get up go to work, do the same thing 500 times, come home, do the same thing everyday get up the next day and do it again. Fun times, let me tell you. F#cking Blah.

I'm also in a crossroads with a long time friend. It seems that no matter what we say to each other, someone gets hurt by it. This person is someone I love and care a great deal about, but I don't want to feel like a sh!thead everytime I speak to them. I just don't know what to do.

Enough of the brooding...

Apple announced today that they are switching all Mac's from a priority chip to Intel's 86x chips. I know most of you don't really give a rats ass about computer and tech stuff, but this is a pretty huge deal. This may very well make Apple a legit player in the PC market instead of being more of an Artsy fartsy machine. It's kinda cool and it means that you may be using a Mac sooner then later. Here's a link to more info.

Polarcheese let me know a couple of weeks back that my counter sucked and sent me to With StatCounter, I can see where people who read my site are from, what browser they are using and a few more cool little things. One of the things I found coolest about the data it collected was that almost 50% of users to this site use Firefox. That, my friends, is pretty frickin' sweet. Most of my readers are from Canada(not really a surprise there), followed by the UK(Me thinks Moojenny has a lot to do with that) then the U.S. There's even been peeps from Turkey and Bulgaria that have come to the site. How wild is that?

My best friend just dropped by and it took all my energy to go up and have a smoke with him. I think I'm done with this for today.



PS: Moojenny has been using this thing called Audioscrobbler for a long time and I finally set up an account yesterday. It tracks what songs you are listening with whichever media player you are using. For some reason mine isn't working. If anyone knows how to fiddle with the plugin so that it works, let me know. I use Windows Media Player V10. My profile is listed at

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moojenny said...

Have you checked your plug in settings on media player? U need to check its accepting the submissions, when u go to the site does it say submission error? Could be that your songs are badly tagged and it doesnt recognise them..... I remember it being a bit fiddly to set up, but good once you have :)