Thursday, May 05, 2005

Podcasts Experiment = TOTAL FAILURE

So it's just 24 hours later and my first podcast was a No fears I'll try again, as I know there's a HUGE demand to hear my baritone vocals all over the internet...ahhh yeah!

I've been checking out a bunch of stuff lately and thought I'd tell you what sites I've been surfing in the last little bit since I have nothing to talk about...yet.

My newest and first checked blog when I get home from work...THE FREAKING KEVIN SMITH BLOG!!! Yes sir, Kevin "I'm a god among fanboys" Smith has a freaking blog...and it's good. Like really good. He talks about everything, from who he ate breakfast with to when and what he masturbates to. Just like Kevin's films, it's funny, topical and real. Gotta love it! Check it out here.

Everyone that reads this knows I'm a tech junkie. I loves me some tech stuff. Of course I check out Slashdot, but my favorite tech news site is Digg. Digg was created by Kevin Rose, of The Screen Savers, Attack of the Show(which is the sh!ttiest show name EVER!) and thebroken fame. It's a lot like Slashdot, but I find it much more user friendly, and a lot less geek friendly. Don't let the tech heavy features scare you away, there's all kinds of stories. Check it out here.

My favoritest Uk'er, Jenny, has started a blog. Make sure you check it out and leave her lots of comments. Jenny is a LONG time chat friend and I love her to bits. Moojenny is one of only like 3 or 4 online people I would ever meet in real life. She's a real sweetheart. Make sure you check it out here.

When I have more to say, I'll post more.



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moojenny said...

heeeeey, thats me!

Happy days. :)