Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Welcome to El Sucko Week!

Sorry for the lack of updates this past week.

Once a year I get a horrible cold/allergy/flu/death plague thing and this week just happened to be that time of year. I've been battling a fever(which I think has passed), sore throat, stuffed sinuses and a myriad of other ailments that has kept me from doing much of anything. I hate being sick. It sucks huge goat balls.

I haven't gotten the chance to see Star Wars again due my afflictions, and that pisses me off more then I can put into words. I haven't been able to eat much, which also pisses me off. I haven't slept much(which is nothing new, but sucks even more when you know a little sleep would make you feel MUCH better).

She hasn't said it yet, but my Mother is asking all kinds of questions which lead me to believe she thinks I'm on drugs. That all in itself is pretty funny. Besides my smoking(which is cool), the very occasional beer(people get the impression I drink a lot more then I do) and maybe a over the counter pain killer(ibuprohin has been very nice since I got sick) I haven't had anything close to drugs in a long long time. I went through a period where I was smoking a lot of weed but it wore on me and I just didn't like it anymore. Then I had a really bad weed related experience and decided not to even do it occasionally. I think that was about 5 or 6 years ago and I haven't looked back. So yeah, good times ahead with my mother. Can't wait for that conversation as I'm sure my hysterical laughter won't do anything to ease her worries.

Saturday is the big day and someone is starting to be a wuss.

Speaking of Saturday(well last anyway), I went for my first Tux fitting. While I wouldn't say it was my favorite experience, it wasn't as horrible as others have lead me to believe it was going to be. The didn't do any of the dreaded inseam measurements. Besides having to reveal my weight to a complete stranger it truly wasn't that bad. Funny side note: as the girl was measuring my ass I put my arm down and clonked her in the head. She was a true professional and didn't say anything about it. I imagine she probably went on a triad about the clumsy doofus after I left, but she was cool about it while I was there.

Being sick has had one positive side effect. I've been able to catch up on some reading. I've finished reading a book I started during my last trip to Missouri(I have another little side note about that later) started and finished another and I'm about three quarters into another.

Since a history course in High School, I've been a big buff of the falling of the Romanov Empire. It's really the only history that has elements of almost every kind of story telling. There's a love story(Nicholas and Alexandra), weird and creepy super natural stuff(Grigori Rasputin), betrayal(I might get some heat for saying this but basically the British Monarchy decided to leave their family on their own to face whatever was coming. If Britain had opened it's doors to their cousins, a lot of bad sh!t probably wouldn't have gone down) and great tragedy(The Fall of the Romanovs'). This book tries to prove that some members of the family(Alexei and one of his sisters) were either set free or escaped the brutal murders of the Russian Royal family. This book claims that Alexei lived a long healthy life in Communist Russia. With some help, he changed his name, went to work, had children and lived a relatively good life in the communist regime. All of this could possibly be true. The one major flaw with this story is that Alexei was a hemophilac(a number of people believe that a big part of the reason things went as badly in Russia as they did was due to the Czar and his wife taking too much time with Alexei and trying to find a cure this disease). While the author's try to explain this, I don't know if I buy it. The book is a good read while the Authors' are explaining the history of the events and the story of the escaped Alexei, but I found it hard to get through the science of the events. I should mention that the Author's are scientists trying to scientifically prove that this guy was Alexei. If you are looking to learn about the Fall of the Romanov Empire, this isn't the book to do it with. If you already know a little about the events and have a scientific mind, then I'd recommend it to you.

Then I read:

I've mentioned a bunch of times that I'm a big Lewis Black fan. With the exception of maybe Dave Chappelle(who, apparently, has gone insane) I don't know if there is a funnier stand up alive. I liked his book quite a bit, but a good majority of it is just rehashing his stand up material, and quite honestly if you're buying the book chances are you've heard or seen his stand up. The book shines while he talks about growing up Jewish in Suburban Washington, DC or when he talks of his days in college or his rampant drug use during...well...lets just say his rampant drug use. So unless you've never heard his stand up or are a hard core fan, I'd stay away from this one.

The book I'm currently reading:

The Death of WCW

I'm not finished this one yet. It's a pretty good tale of the Monday Night Wars that looks at the story from the eyes of the losers...and, boy howdy, were they losers. The Author's(who are also responsible for one of my favorite wrestling books and websites, WrestleCrap) take a lot of "artistic license" while telling the story of the events. It's a good funny read. I'll let you know what I think of it after I've finished it completely.

Whoa...that was a long post. I've got a few more things to write about but I'll wait until I have nothing to write about. Again sorry for the lack of updates in the past week.



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