Friday, May 06, 2005

I Want to Post, But What to Say?

It's hard trying to come up with things to talk about for this. I want to post daily, but I have SUCH a boring life. I just have nothing to say.

My Star Wars frenzy is crazy high. I want to see this movie so bad. I start thinking about it and get that googley feeling, like a 6 year old on Christmas morning. I know, I'm a sad geeky man.

Tomorrow some friends and I are going to the Detroit Beer Company for lunch. I've never been but there's a similar place in Missourah called Flat Branch. I loved Flat Branch and I'm expecting to enjoy this just as much. Only one problem...Which beer do I drink? Oh the drama.

After lunch we're going to a tattoo place to inquire about getting some ink. I've wanted one for a while and have just come to the conclusion that I need to get off my @ss and get it. I want the Superman Emblem on this cover, hoping to get it on my shoulder or the peak of my arm. Kingdom Come is my favorite comic book story and I just love that image.

Moojenny's blog has already been updated more in the last day then mine has in like a week. Reading it has made me feel really insecure. I want to be a good writer so bad. Jenny just seems so natural in her writing. I wish I could just let it flow. (That Kev guy sounds like a real stud btw) *sigh*

Anyway, think it's time for a beer.



PS: Almost at 1000 hits, so just like last time, how about everyone from 1000 to 1010 leave a comment and say hi. Let the good times roll!


polarcheese said...

wow. I am 1005, and i was 702. i rule.

moojenny said...


Woop :)