Wednesday, May 11, 2005

In This World of Sh!t...

This week has been really bad.

Saturday was a really nice beautiful day. I got to spend it with my best friend and his family. Over time they have become more of a family to me then my own and I love them all very much. We sat and talked and told stories and laughed and it was just awesome and really something that I needed and didn't realize how much I needed it until after the fact. We had a tremendous steak dinner, drank some beer(or continued to after going to the
Beer Company, which was also awesome) and then watched National Treasure(not a bad movie, not a great movie).

Sunday I was a little hung over, but it was still a nice relaxing day. Didn't do much, played some PS2, watched some boob tube, you know usual boring everyday stuff. It was nice.

I was hoping that weekend mood would parlay into a nice relaxing week.

I was wrong.

As you may or may not know from reading this, I'm a pretty mellow laid back guy. It takes a lot to make me angry. As a result, some people I work with decided over time to try and anger me or piss me off. Most of the time I just let it slide. Sometimes I will admit that things hurt, but I'm a bottler so I just keep it all in and shrug it off. Well Monday someone decided to shake the bottle.

Someone, a guy I had considered a friend, made a nasty comment about my weight. Usually this wouldn't bother me, I'm well aware that I'm overweight and like most things I have a sense of humour about it. What was different about it this time was that he sat in a corner with someone and traded little nasty jabs about me to each other. The other guy is a complete f#ckhead and completely worthless, so I've just ignored pretty much anything he's said to me for about 3 years. Hearing someone you like say nasty, hurtful things about you is never pleasant. So as the f#ckhead was screaming to me what was being said I turned my back and walked away. The supposed friend decided that he needed keep mouthing off and making smart assed comments. So as he was shouting something at me from across the dome, I turned around and told him to f#ck himself. Thinking I was joking back with him, he kept at it. Now if you are pissed off and someone keeps at you, it's not fun and just makes you all the more angry. So, in about as angry a tone as I have, I said "F#CK YOU!" He got the point and neither of us has said a word to the other since.

Now the worthless f#ckhead has been on my ass since. I really think he wants me to get physical. I think the c*cksucker wants me to punch him. I haven't had a real fight since grade school. I have no desire to fight anyone or anything. Ever. It's not my deal. Now that being said, I don't know how else to resolve this situation. The @sshole has just pushed all the buttons and I don't know what to do.

All of this, plus a certain someone texting me about a person, who makes me feel instantly insecure and some stuff with my mom has made this the WORST WEEK EVER....and it's only f#cking Wednesday.

I'm truly expecting frogs to start raining down from the heavens or a swarm of locusts tomorrow.

I just want a nice peaceful day where I go to work and do my job without being bothered by a bunch of prepubescent middle aged men.




PS: A big thanks to my friends who have helped me during this sh!tty time. I really think I'd go nuts with out them. Not a lot of them read this, but some do and each of them truly helps me feel a little more normal.

polarcheese and moojenny(who is the bestest and has no idea how much she's helped me in the last week) were the only ones that commented on being bit hitters. For that they instantly kick ass. Thanks guys. Click their names to check out their blogs. They are both two of my favorites.

PSSS: One week today. STAR WARS. F#cking eh!


Anonymous said...

I don't why some people are so hurtful. I think it makes them feel superior but in my mind they are inferior, weak , shallow people. You are the strong one with the big heart, and good for you telling them to go F themselves. Maybe this will be a wakeup call for them ( those hurtful bastards). Your a good person Luthor. Don't ever change

moojenny said...

ditto to that.

Love you for you, and these people are obviously just jealous that you're a far far far nicer cooler and cuter person than they could ever hope to be. Not worth paying the slightest bit of attention to, know it makes work poo but they arent worth getting upset over.

Big big big big big hugs my cutie.