Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What Did I Do?

So I went to check on my site traffic thing and something happened over the weekend...it exploded. I went from getting like 12 hits a day(yeah, that's a high traffic day) to like 135...ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE...in one day. What the hell happened?

I know I put a link in my moblog, but manoman, that's a lot of people.

So was it just to see if I was still psycho? Or did it have to do with the Comic of the Week thing? Or was it just some random act?

If anyone knows, please let me know.

I'm hoping it has something to do with the Comic of the Week thing, I really enjoy doing that, might even make that a new Blog.

I've got some big news that I'm kind of sitting on. I'll write about it sooner or later. Kind of excited.



PS: More soon. Promise.

PSS: Check out Ye Olde Moblog over the next few days. I'm either getting a digital camera tomorrow or Friday, so expect a lot of stupid photos...and just as an aside...that's not what I'm excited about.

PSSS: Whoever is responsible for allowing garbage like "The Biggest Loser" to air needs to be shot and pissed on.

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