Thursday, November 17, 2005

Longest Touch Down in NFL...HISTORY!!!

So Sunday I was in Chicago. Bears/Niners. Bears won. Wooha!

Nathan Vasher
ran a missed field goal back for a touchdown. The longest touchdown...ever(in the NFL). And I was there to see it. Ahh Yeah.

I was and am stoked about it. I love my Bears. Seeing them win at home, surrounded by fellow Bears fans...just friggin' sweet!

Eddie Guerrero died this past weekend. I went back and forth between being a big fan of his and not liking him at all, but no matter what he always seemed like a really good person, away from the ring. There's a really good article HERE that perfectly describes how I feel. Viva La Raza! You will not be forgotten Eddie.

I'm kind of blah today. I'll have more soon.



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