Tuesday, November 22, 2005

One of Those Days...


I woke up, freezing, seriously lacking sleep and stubbed my toe in the bathroom.

There was no hot water for my shower.

My cab driver, who just had surgery on his ear last week, went in to gory detail about the puss he found on his pillow this morning.

I get to work and have to listen to a creepy old lady argue(like an old married couple) with one of the guys.

We start work and two of the three battery guns are broken.

One of the new guys tells me how he parked in a tow away zone and needed to move his car...which was on the other side of the plant.

My partner gets sick and needs to go home.

I had to argue with the battery gun repair guy about what was wrong with the gun(I've since found out I know nothing about the battery guns and when the program isn't working properly it's really the person operaters fault, not the $hitty programing on the gun. Good to know.)

The afternoon shift guy didn't show up.

I'm starting to doubt myself as far as dating stuff goes. Maybe I'm not ready.

It's still cold and its supposed to snow tomorrow.

I feel crappy.

Oh what a beautiful morning...



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