Sunday, July 17, 2005

Saw this last night for the first time. I have mixed feelings about it.

Bad Stuff:

The way Doctor Doom was written and played was WAY over the top, and they royally screwed up his origin and powers. Doom is an over the top character and should be played that way, but the movie portrayed him as a Silver Age cheese ball villain, complete with bad lines and unnecessary diatribe. The comic book Doom doesn't have special powers, he uses his mass intellect to do his misdeeds. That was another bone of contention; Doom(comic book) doesn't view himself as a villain. Doom does what he does because he feels that his way is the only way and he believes that he's always in the right.

I don't know if it was me or not, but it appeared that the film creators started to run out of budget funds. Fantastic Four should have been the most brilliant over the top special effects movie ever made. Their lives are truly fantastic and have extraordinary things happen to them every day. The rare use of their abilities in the film show that there just wasn't enough cash to go around.

The Thing(Ben Grimm) is a big rocky guy. As in, made out of rocks. I never had that feeling with the character in the movie. The foam suit just never did it for me. See below.

Comic Book Thing

Movie Thing

The ultra cheesiness of the script really didn't do too much for me either. Johnny(the Human Torch) was played more goofy then cocky most of the time and has some of the cheesiest lines in comic book cinema history.

Good Stuff:

They nailed the relationships in the group really really well(except for Doom and Reed). Sue(the Invisible Women) was loves Reed(Mr. Fantastic) but wants him to be less book worm and more take charge leading man. Johnny annoys the hell out of Ben, but respects him above all else. Reed and Ben are best friends, with Reed as the brains and Ben as the brawn. Those dynamics came across really well.

Michael Chiklis nailed Ben Grimm. Ben is a big guy with a big heart but can easily be manipulated. Despite his deformed figure, he's the most human of the Fantastic Four(and maybe in all of Comics). Ben wants to do right, but is sometimes overcome by his monstrous appearance. Chiklis got all that down pat and is by far the best part of this film.

I liked the fact that they set up at least 2 other movies without making it blatant for "average Joe" none comic book reader. Alicia Masters' introduction was very subtle, and if you don't know comics, you would have no idea what she brings to the table.

Getting to see Jessica Alba in skin tight clothes is ALWAYS a good thing. If the movie has just been her walking around in that suit, I would have left the theater satisfied.


I liked this better then I thought I would. As I've said before, Comic Book movies are hard for me. I love and know these characters well and sometimes the transition from the page to the screen is rough. While this one was far from perfect, it was enjoyable. If you can overcome some of the cheesy dialogue and lack of special effects, then I think most people would enjoy it.



PS: Two days, two huge posts. Will I make it three?

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