Friday, July 08, 2005

It's 4am...Do You Know Where Your Luthor Is?

So here it is 4 am and I'm at work.

I was scheduled to come in early to get a little O.T. to make up sometime for the impending Shut Down. I got here and watched as all the plant denizens left. When I got to my post I was shocked and amazed to discover...hey look...they sent my part of the plant home too...which means...I'm here 4 hours early and have SFA to do.

So why not blog a little?

Yesterday's attacks in England have left me with that same OMG feeling I had after 9/11. I think everyone gets that. What's next? Where's next? During the whole 9/11 thing, living where I live, I always had a feeling we were going to get hit. Every attack since I've had that same feeling. It's eerie and it sucks.

Having a friend that lives over there(who I haven't spoken more then 5 words to in about a month), is also a concern. I'm really worried for her and I hope she is doing ok. Having something like that happen so close to home can't be easy. I'm thinking of you Jen.

Happier stuff:

Tim Horton's coffee at this time is always a good thing. I think I could easily drink a pot of this stuff right now. It's about the only thing(well besides the extra pay) that makes coming into work this early worth while.

I'm still really into DC's whole Infinite Crisis storyline. There are so many angles and everything is coming at so many different directions, it's just really cool because you don't know whats going to happen next. Marvel's House of M has been pretty decent thus far as well, but it doesn't have the same kind of feel as Crisis. Crisis has the feeling that something BIG is about to happen in the DCU, where as House of M feels like another Marvel story(which isn't really a knock, just doesn't feel as special...and run on paragraph

My all time favorite wrestler is coming to Windsor. Bret "The Hitman" Hart is going to be doing a special autograph signing at the next BCW show. I'm stoked and hope to get a chance to meet him. Meeting King Kong Bundy(who was my childhood favorite) was pretty freaking rad and I doubt Bret would dissappoint. Bret and Bundy would make it 2 heroes met...only about 400 more to go.

Since I have nothing to do, I just went and searched around and found myself a Double Chocolate glazed doughnut. SCORE!

One of my stories made the main page on Digg. Click HERE to get some free mags on your computer. I also posted another story about Audioscrobbler and got bashed for it being a DUPE. To the dude that told me to "do a f#cking search", I thought Digg's story submit search would find anything with Audioscrobbler in the title. It didn't. The only thing it found was an Audioscrobbler competitor. I'm sorry that I wasted a whole 30 seconds of your life. I'm sure the 5 minutes you surely took to find the other stories and bash me was well worth while. And by the way, BLOW ME ASSHOLE.

Well this has taken up a whole 30 minutes. Now I have another 3 1/2 hours to blow with not a thing to do. Fun times.



PS: I'll probably be posting a lot over the next few weeks. There's not going to be a whole lot going on so I'll be bored often and this is definately and outlet.

PSS: Click HERE to see what I'm listening too.

PSSS(wow, that's a lotta s'): The Eel's webpage has a link to a 30 minue sample of the show they are currently doing. Click HERE to take a look(you need REAL PLAYER, or REAL Alternative).


ciege said...

Sorry to keep Jen busy but she does promise to make it online soon, and I'll make her if she doesn't :) Know what you mean about the OMG feeling, I spent yesterday wandering down the high stree half-expecting a building to blow up or where they'd choose to do it if they did. All we need now is for the IRA to start bombing us again. Scum doesn't come close to describing the people that do these things.

moojenny said...

Hey cutie

Im really sorry i havent been around much, every time i am on, you arent, which sucks. Missing you lots.