Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I Love Comics...

For those that have been reading for a while, you know that I've been really impressed with what DC has been doing with the build up for Infinite Crisis. Everything within the DCU has been leading up to this one major event. It's spectacular. I can honestly say that as a long time comic book reader(we're talking almost 20 years), I've never witnessed anything like it.

Think of it this way:

CBS suddenly decides to reinvent themselves as a TV Network. Without hurting the quality or the integrity of the shows, they seamlessly interweave everything so that it all takes place in one world. Things happening on "The Young and The Restless" effect the characters on CSI. "The King of Queens" is best friends with Gibbs from "NCIS" and on and it goes. We all know it would never work.

In comics, it has to. Continuity means everything for comic book fans. If something happens one issue and there's no effect or the effect is undone with no explanation, continuity buffs go nuts. What DC has done is remarkable. Every DC book has that same underlining feeling that something big is about to happen. All their characters have that same sense of "what the *uck is happening?" It's awesome and it's really reinvigorated my love of their characters and comics as a whole.

They've been building to this moment for about 2 years(and some things that happened 25 - 40 years ago have been made to look like they were made for this moment, that's how seamless things have been). The moment is only a few weeks away and I can't wait.



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