Monday, January 31, 2005

Mystery Smell...

Everyone has had it and wished they hadn't. That strange emanation that wafts through the house suddenly that closely resembles a cross between cat urine and dead babies. Yes, my friends, I'm talking about mystery smell.

Last week I got a small hint of said smell, and like any normal person would, I looked around to find the source. I followed the fragrance and found no origin, which is probably scarier then the scent itself. The next day I followed the same track and again came to no avail. I repeated this process several times(at least 10) as the stink was becoming more and more pronouced and had no luck what-so-ever, that is until today.

When I got home from work today the smell was so bad that it made me retch. I searched and I searched and couldn't find anything. As I ran into the bathroom to vomit, by chance, I turned my head and saw the birthplace of the atrocious odor.

Beside the freezer we keep extra plastic shopping bags. A top this moutain of cellulose baggage sat the curse of my olfactory senses...a bag of formally frozen peas.

As estatic as I was to find the cause of the smell, I dreaded having to get rid of it. What if the substance that was formally peas managed to leak on my person? What if moving the mangled mess somehow made the stench worse? What if it was just really really icky and made me barf?

Alas, I managed to dispose of the vile substance and even now the smell is slowly dispersing(well with a little help from my newest best friend).

I hope I have totally horrified you enough for one day(or more).

Good Night.



PS: Kevin Smith is on Degrassi: the Next Generation tonight. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

that must make you feel entirely different about peas

cat urine odor said...

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