Saturday, January 22, 2005

Post BCW...

Welp...didn't get to meet Mick, I was too lazy to wait in line to meet Sabu(Sean got his ECW DVD signed though, so thats cool) and I wasn't thinking or else I would have waited to meet Petey Williams, Bobby Roode and Jimmy Hart. Jimmy was a childhood favorite and I would have liked to have gotten my picture taken with him.

BCW really knows how to run an indy show in a semi large venue. My friend Cory is a manager at Ciociaro Club, and he said that the seating was well over 1000 people. I haven't been to many indy shows, but I do know that most would kill for that kind of a turnout.

Some of the matches were stinkers, but overall it was an A+ show. I have been a growing fan of Abyss from TNA for quite some time now, and I think tonight he put me over the top. He knows how to have a really good match and how to tell a really good story. If Dusty knew what he was doing he'd make the Monster his main heel and have some faces(AJ, The Truth, Monty Brown{who I hate by the way}) chasing the title from him(with maybe James Mitchell as his voice).

Mick is always entertaining. There's a reason he is as loved as he is and tonight he showed why.

If you live in the Windsor Area, really think about attending a BCW show.



PS: No more wrestling talk for a little while.well at least until Tuesday.

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