Sunday, January 30, 2005

Baby Steps...

After what I wrote yesterday I found a version of Linux that operates a lot like Windows. So what I've done is set up a dual boot machine. When you have dual boot, you can choose which operating system you wish to use. If you want to boot into Windows, then you boot into Windows. If you want Linux, then boom, Linux. It's pretty cool and I think this will allow me to learn the new system without losing what I already know. This particular version of Linux, Xandros, is really user friendly and basically holds your hand and walks you through everything you need. There's still a lot about Linux that I don't understand, so doing this will enable me to learn little by little, taking baby steps along the way.

Tonight is the Royal Rumble. The Rumble match has always been my favorite WWE PPV and match, and I'm hoping that tonight is no different. We shall see.

I'll get around to talk about my comics sooner or later, but not today. I think the whole Linux talk was enough nerdiness to keep everyone occupied for a little bit. :-p

Well it's time for the Rumble.



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