Friday, April 01, 2005

They Killed My Friend...

How's that for a dramatic title?

Ok so no one actually killed a real friend of mine, but someone did kill someone I've known for most of my life and it's kind of hard to come to grips with.

This past week DC comics released a comic called COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS. The story, at it's basic root, was to set up a major storyline that will run throughout DC for the next year or so.

The star of the book is a character named Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle. Beetle has a long and unique history that make him a special character in comic book history. He was originally owned by Charlton Comics, a comic company that can pretty much be described as the number three publisher throughout the 60's and 70's. DC bought out all the original characters Charlton owned in the early 80's and couldn't do much with them because continuity nuts(like myself) would have gone ape sh!t. So DC decided it was time to clean up their own continuity and bring in Charton's at the same time. The result? A little thing called Crisis on Infinite Earths. Crisis, for those that don't know, changed everything. It firmly established that comics weren't just for kids anymore and that comic stories could be told in an epic scale.

Blue Beetle was a major part of Crisis. He was also involved in the rebooting of the Justice League. He was one of the key characters that showed that comics could be slap stick funny, but relevant and topical at the same time. The maturing of the comic book art took place and Beetle was a key character in all of it.

Well as you can probably guess, Blue Beetle died at the end of Countdown.

I know what you are thinking. How can a fictional character be my friend? Well imagine that a TV character you have been following for about 20 years suddenly took a bullet in the head. Or a news anchor that you have watched all your life died a horrible death, in front of you. That's about as close as I can describe how it feels. I'm heart broken. I loved Beetle. So yeah...I'm in mourning.

I might go into further detail about how comic characters become people you know at a later date, but that's it for now.



PS: I got my sticker and pen from today. I'm impressed. The dude that let me know that I was eligible was a really cool guy. I wish them all the best. I'm pretty happy with what they sent me. Check them out.(click the link)

R.I.P. 1966 - 2005


Anonymous said...

Huh, look at that it's not just the computer stuff I skip over :) teeheee

polarcheese said...

i got my sticker and pen fom geekfury today too, they are pretty good, but i wasn't expecting the pen, it's pretty cool, and works with my palm.