Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bored Sh!t...

I thought it was kind of funny that one of my google ads(you know those things over there--->, the things that I'm not allowed to tell you to click often. Yeah those there --->) was for bored sh!t. What exactly is bored sh!t? Seeing as how I have nothing better to do, I decided to click the link to find out...and it lead no where. Don't know how that works, but yeah, an ad to nothing. Odd.

So only 34 days until Sith. I'm wearing my Revenge of the Sith t-shirt today. One of the older guys at work came up to me and glanced down at my tee and then looked back up at me and smirked. "What?," I asked. "Even I know how to spell sh!t." Hardee Har Har. Get!t. Spelled somewhere similarly. Oh the humor. I'm busting a gut thinking about it now. Oh ho ho ho. Yeah. I need a new job.

I was eating a bowl of Crispix in front of my computer earlier. Not a good idea. Phone rang so I got up to get it. Guess where the cereal ended up? Yeah, all over my keyboard. Here is some random quotes from an earlier conversation I was having as my old keyboard started dying.

BgScaryGy: yeh it wS ON THT CD i MDE FOR YOU THT DIDN'T Work.
BgScaryGy: lots nd lots of spiders
BgScaryGy: I wnt pet spider

Good times let me tell you. Luckily I have a wireless keyboard a friend gave me awhile ago, or I'd be up shit's creek.

This is turning out to be one of those blog entry's I hate. I don't really have anything to write about so I write about boring everyday stuff. *Sigh*

Well I'll leave it there.



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Anonymous said...

lexxxx_luthor (6:11:51 PM): CN'T OMP[RTE THE 2
lexxxx_luthor (6:12:00 PM): jS TOTLLY MI]D FUYCKED YO
lexxxx_luthor (6:15:22 PM): nt ing n
lexxxx_luthor (6:15:25 PM): fc
lexxxx_luthor (6:15:54 PM): gt 2 g0
lexxxx_luthor (6:16:10 PM): bi
lexxxx_luthor (6:31:08 PM): yay for wireless