Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I Need a Vacation...

I've been noticing the past few days that I really need a vacation. One where nothing horrible happens and I can just chill. Smoke some Du Maurier, drink some Buds and relax.

I can picture it..sucks ass that I can't have it just yet.

I can't wait for July. Vacation month. Going to be soooo nice.

I've decided the best thing I can to for myself in order to make the time until vacation go quicker is to set things up that I'm looking forward to. Kind of like a grand scale advent calender. Some of the gifts will be better then others, but all of them are things I'll be looking forward to.

For example: There's a little movie coming out 36 days from now(29 for some people, I'm probably not going to be that lucky). I don't know if you've heard of it. Some guy goes nuts, fights his best friend, wipes out the rest of them, falls into a pit of lava, decides big black helmets and breathing tubes are the new look. Something about Revenge...oh it will come to me...

Thinking about it now, there's a lot of movies I want to see this summer. Fantastic Four, Batman Begins, War of The Worlds, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and that other one. Good blockbuster filled summer for comic book geek people this year. All of those movies will make nice little rewards to make it to vacation.

Movies aren't the only things though. Cd's, books, video games(I wish), comic books. Lots of little things. But looking forward to them makes the time go by quicker.

Or so I hope.

So yeah, that's how I'm going to try and remain sane for the next little while. I'm thinking it might work. As my new life motto says, "Time will tell."



PS: I just found this site and have been screwing around with it for the last little bit. Stupid pointless fun. Check out some of my creations...

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You know a better life motto?


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