Thursday, April 07, 2005

Oh What a Beautiful Morning...

You know those lovely days? The ones where you wake up feeling totally refreshed with the sun shining in threw your bedroom window, the birds are singing and all feels right in the world? That's exactly how my day started. I thought I finally got some decent sleep. I thought it was going to be awesome and the world was smiling in my direction...Then I looked at the clock...5:12am. One hour and one minute before my alarm goes off. I didn't think too much about it, but I must admit once I saw the time I felt like my exhaustion was slowly creeping back.

Then it occurred to's 5:12am, why is the sun out so early? I peaked out the window and realized it wasn't the sun. It was my obnoxious neighbor's obnoxious spotlamp shining directly into my bedroom window. I gritted my teeth, and felt another round of exhaustion belt my brain.

I went to go pee and stubbed my toe on the way. I now hate 5:12am and exhaustion had taken full effect. I turned on the shower and burned the royal crap out of my feet and legs, but it at least woke me up a little bit. Once I got out of the shower I threw on my shorts, tee shirt and hoodie for the day ahead. It started rough, but I was sure today was going to be a good day, no matter how miserable it had started. A motivational speaker once told me you have to make your own weather, and today mine was going to be great.

I went downstairs to do my morning ritual of checking email, checking the talkers and to read whatever wrestling news had happened in the 4 or 5 hours since I last checked. Today I had 5 new mails. Yay...oh wait...all f#cking spam. I'm taking a hot butter knife to 5:12am's throat.

I leave for work and it's a little brisk out, but nothing too bad. I'm sure my clothes for the day were an excellent choice. As I'm walking through the yard to get to the starts to piss rain. 5:12am is a mother f#cker.

At about 9am, the rain cleared up for a minute and along comes a breeze. A nice ARCTIC wind. The dome is pretty much a wind tunnel on still days, when there's any kind draft it's like working in a f#cking tornado. So now it's cold and windy and I'm in shorts. I don't think it got above 50 all day today. Friggin' eh 5:12am.

Then there was the piece de la resistance.

With about 25 minutes left in the day, my partner and I were talking, waiting for the next van to pull up. For some reason I looked up at Craig(the guy that brings the units into the dome) as he was pulling the next van in. He was obviously panicked. I took about as huge a step back as I could and watched as Craig slammed into the back of the previous van. No one was hurt, but 2 vans are very destroyed. If I hadn't leaped back(and from what I was told it was quite a leap for a huge fat guy), I probably would have lost at least one of my legs.

5:12am can suck a d!ck, but I've never been happier and more relieved in my life.



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