Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Man, Aren't Drunken Posts Fun?

So yeah...quite drunk Saturday night. Felt kind of like an 18 year old again. I really miss going out to a bar with a group of people and just talking and laughing. It's so much fun.

After I write some stuff I kind of feel like I come across as bi-polar or something. I will admit to going through a lot at the moment, but like, I'm SOOO not about to jump off a ledge.

Actually an interesting thing has happened. Since Saturday and seeing said girl(just as an aside, I should NEVER be allowed near a computer or a phone after I've been drinking...Sorry for the late night call Jules), I've come to the realization that I've been threw this before and I might be threw it again, but at the end of the day, no matter what, I'll survive. It's kind of weird being depressed and relieved at the same time.

So the new Eels' CD came out today...and I didn't buy it yet. I know I should be shot and p!ssed on. I downloaded it a few weeks ago(Uh oh, look out! Here comes the RIAA to hunt me down) and I think it's by far their best stuff. I will be buying it, I just haven't gotten off my ass yet.

If you haven't seen Sin City yet, get out and see it...now...you gone yet? It's simply amazing. It's visually amazing and the story is incredible.

Since I got home from work today I've gotten 4 calls from various cell phone providers asking me to switch. One actually hit on me(yeah, that's right. All the ladies want me because of my voice. Ahh yeah!).

Speaking of my voice(great segue), I'm thinking of adding a little 30 second voice/podcast thingie on here. Anyone interested or am I just being too geeky? Let me know.

Well that's about enough from me...



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Anonymous said...

Ooh then we can make fun of your accent in the comments even more!

And as for late night drunken phone calls, well at least it wasn't one mumbling/asking for a little pootie tang.