Sunday, April 17, 2005

I Taste Like Dog Food...

So my mom gives me these chocolate things on Friday night.

One is a Winnie the Pooh Easter Egg and the other is a "Puppy Love" from Neilson. I'm not big on chocolate, I'll eat it but it's not my most favorite thing in the world, but for some reason Friday night I was right into it. I started by eating the top of the Egg then eating the other candy inside.

Good Stuff, but it was a little too thick and I like thin chocolate and I knew that the "Puppy Love" was one of those 99cent jobbies that usually melt when you touch them. So I grabbed the dog by the body and proceeded to bite it's head off(yeah I'm metal like that, rock on).

I ate a good majority of my Puppy Love, and it was damn tasty, when I started to look at the box. I don't think this was people chocolate. I think I just ate dog chocolate. Everything on the wrapper is dog geared. There's little puppy name tags on the back with a cut out collar. There's Neilson "Puppy Identification Card". There's little happy puppy cartoon images bounding around smiling. I feel truly disturbed. I've brushed my teeth about 70 times in the last 2 days and still have the feeling like I taste like dog food. Ugh.

I went out with some friends last night. We were all supposed to meet at one bar at 9:15ish. We got to that bar and they were showing the UFC PPV. While I love the UFC, but it has a tendency to invite...umm...surly people. So the bar was full of roughians and hoodlums(I'm also 1900's like that, rock on) and considering a large portion of our party were members of the female persuasion we decided it was for the best to move to another location.

Only one problem. Not everyone had arrived. So we called those who could be contacted and notified them of our change of venue. We managed to get a hold of just about everyone. My good friend Hot Rod lives right around the corner from the establishment we were at and regularly walks there. So we decided to wait for him and give him a ride to the other place.

So we wait.

And wait.

and some more.

After about a half hour we called his wife(Julie) to ask if he had walked. She wasn't sure. So I left the message with her that if Rod showed up back home to meet us at the other bar.

So we got to the other bar and low and behold Hot Rod's there. "What are you doing here?", I asked. "What are you doing here?!?", he responded. Apparently he had made other arrangements with other friends to meet with them for a beer first. So long story short, we sat and waited at the other bar for no reason. He was there all along. Dammit.

I don't really have too much else to say about last night other then the fact that our waitress was really quite cute. That all in itself made the evening a pleasant one. Good times.




Anonymous said...

Haha! You ate carob!

Miss Tasha said...

yea, it was def. carob.. in other ways of putting it, vegan chocolate. carob is actually healthy for you, ive eaten soy "chocolate" icecream, that was flavored with carob instead of real chocolate, but yea you are right.. it has a funky flavour to it