Monday, February 14, 2005

It's Shaving Time...

Everyone who knows me knows that I usually shave my head. What some probably don't know is that for a little over a month and a half I haven't shaved my head at all. I like to do that now and again just to remind myself how goofy I look with hair. For the most part, I'm totally bald on top. It looks a lot like George Castanza, which is very ironic. You see while I was in College my nick name was Kramer because my hair was a lot like his. Life is strange some times.

Anyway, I decided to shave my head today. As I started to do it, my Mom decided that she needed to use the bathroom and kicked me out, leaving me with a half shaved/half haired look reminiscent of Kane just after he lost the mask. If I lived in a perfect world I could get away with this look. I like it. It's goofy and funny looking.

Well I don't live in a perfect world so, I have to go finish the job now.



PS: If anyone cares, Luthor's Pick will return sometime this week! Yay for Luthor's Pick!

PPS: Happy Valentine's Day to all those in love! Awwww

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