Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Hollywood Game...

Having a boring job sucks goat ass and during those long repetitive days you need something to fill the time. A co-worker, Crystal aka Princess Midget, and I created a little game called the Hollywood game.

The rules to the game are fairly simple. One person starts with the name of a celebrity and the next person has to name another celebrity whose name starts with the first letter of the first person's celebrity's last name, so person 1 could say Kevin Costner, so person 2 would have to name someone whose first name starts with the letter c like Courtney Love. Then you continue the game back and forth(i.e.: from Courtney Love to Liza Minnelli to Michael Moore) until someone can't think of any celebrity.

A name can be no shorter then 2 words(so unless you know Cher or Madonna's last names, they can't be used). If a name is greater then 2 words, say Michael J Fox, then the person whose turn it is next gets to choose which letter they want from the last 2 names(so in this case J or F).

The celerity doesn't have to be an actor, but they must be a real person, so no Clark Kent's or Tyler Durden's. If a celebrity is known by their fictional name, such as Hulk Hogan, then that is alright.

If anyone in the game doesn't know who a celebrity is, then the player must name what they are from(i.e.: Michael Moore is the director of Bowling for Columbine). If there is still a doubt, then a third party can be asked to verify. If the third party doesn't know who the celebrity is then the player has to come up with another name(and usually look on the internet after the game is done, find something about the celeb they weren't allowed to use and bitch about not being able to use the name for a few months).

X's, U's, Z's and Q's cannot be used(sorry Uma Thurman and Zen Gesner fans). Other letters can be added depending on who you are playing with and how they want to play.

It's a fun game and it makes time fly by. Give it a go sometime.



PS: I had to write these rules because SOME people I have played with recently cheat none stop, so once something is written, it becomes fact...right?

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