Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Two Good Days...

The last two days have been FANTASTIC(except for the bitter cold, and f'ing snow).

For the past few weeks I've been looking for this DVD player, a Philips DVP642 and having very little luck. Amazon had them, but they quickly sold out. Radio Shack(in my area) had them, but they kept selling out or they only had display copies. I was on my last wit when, by twist of fate, my best friend was at Best Buy and they had a huge pile of them. So yay for me, got my new DVD player...and it's friggin' sweeeet!

After work yesterday I went to the travel agent to book my next flight. I was expecting to pay out the wazzoo. Imagine my surprise when the agent told me that that it was going to be about $100 less then what I usually pay. F'ing eh!

Two good days. Gotta love it!



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Anonymous said...

Back to BoCoMo spot?