Saturday, March 04, 2006

I'm Dead Sexah...

Remember those pictures I was talking about a few posts back. Welp I them posted on Ye Olde Moblog, and one of them was picked as's Artistic Shot of the Day.

I rule.

What else...

umm...The dog search is still going. My dogs from the pound in Detroit got adopted. Part of me is still hoping that it's an elaborate ruse and someone I know went and got the puppy for me. They were just SO cute. I hope their new caretakers treat them as well or better then I would have.

I've also discovered that info about these hybrid/designer dogs is pretty hard to come by. Almost everything I've read has been negative, but everything that I've read sounds like it's coming from a bitter breeder who's pissy because their pooch of choice isn't the current it dog. I think I've found a total of 4 breeders in North America that offer "ShiChis"(which is what a Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix is called, apparently) through the web.

I've spent the VAST majority of my free time lately searching the web for dogs and I gotta tell ya, I ain't impressed! Petfinder(which only covers pounds and animal rescues) is the best of the bunch, and the rest, frankly, suck sour frog ass. Most of them don't even have a "search our site" thingie. What the hell is up with that?

I've been totally obsessing on the dog thing lately(ask my girlfriend and the people at work, they'll tell ya).

Rented the movie MirrorMask last week. I liked it a lot. It's kinda artsy weird but faerie tale like but dark and creepy too. Just a cool flick. Plus the chick in it is hot...

Well...Another ramble post comes to an end.

Off to read some Wizard and Mac World Monthly then hit the hay.



PS: I'm allowed to think she's hot. She's perfectly legal.

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