Thursday, January 12, 2006

Time Off...

I haven't worked more then a few hours in the last month, and I have to be honest...

It's freaking awesome.

I've been able to sleep in, get a lot of crap around the house done and had a lot of time to spend with friends. It's just sweet.

One of my bestfriends, Ken, has lent me his laptop since my desktop is pretty much dead. It's weird getting used to a laptop. Using the thingie instead of a mouse is just a pain, but I'm getting there. It's fun.

This is one of those things that bug me about blogging. I don't really have anything to say but I feel the need to I post about useless crap that no one cares about(as opposed to the useless crap that I care about).

I'll have more to talk about someday...I think...hope...ok...



PS: How awful is this?

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